Milky Way Fudge Recipe | How To Make Milky Way Fudge

milky way fudge recipe

So you’re a Milky Way fan, we heard. Love chocolate and nougat? Milky Way candy bars provide a great foolproof way to making your own fudge nougat. With chunks of chocolatey nougat in every bite, you’ll want to be sharing this with family and friends- or maybe not. Hehe.

To make milky way fudge you start by making the chocolate fudge base. The fudge base can be made with your favorite chocolate chips, condensed milk, butter and corn syrup. Add the milky way candy in chunks or as bars and top with another layer of chocolate fudge.

Let’s shoot for the stars and aim higher. Continue reading to make your dreams come true…

What is inside a Milky Way candy bar?

The Milky Way candy bar is famous for its soft, chewy plain nougat which is topped with a light caramel and covered in milk chocolate. The filling has a creamy malted milk taste, suitable for children and adults alike.

What candy bar is similar to Milky Way?

The texture is almost similar of a Mars candy bar and the Cadbury Double Decker. That said, the Mars bar is the most similar as it also has a creamy caramel layer, whereas the Double Decker has a chunky nougat filling. Both, however, taste like absolute heaven.

Milky Way fudge recipe

This Milky Way fudge recipe is delicious, combining fudge and nougat together. This recipe is great for the in-house office pantry (you know when you need those additional bursts of sugary motivation), children’s sleepovers and for gift giving.

If you prefer your fudge milky, opt for semi- sweet chocolate chips like the chocolate coating covering the outside of a Milky Way bar. If you prefer a sweeter chocolate, then we recommend you go for white chocolate chips for a smooth chocolatey combination contrasting with the Milky Way chocolate bars. Or you could layer both! Additionally, if you’re fond of richer tasting chocolate, then by all means dark chocolate chips are your saviour.

For extra bursts of Milky Way goodness, we suggest you sprinkle some Milky Way Magic Stars on the top. And there you have it…your galaxy is complete.

Equipment and tools you will need to make Milky Way fudge

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milky way fudge recipe

Milky Way Fudge Recipe | How To Make Milky Way Fudge

  • Author: Caroline
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 36 pieces 1x


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  • Start off by putting the chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and butter into the bowl.
  • Heat and melt the ingredients in the microwave on a high setting in short 40 second intervals. Stir regularly each time to make sure that the chocolate does not burn. Burnt chocolate cannot be reversed and will leave a bitter taste! chocolate milky way fudge recipe
  • Once the ingredients have melted and have combined together, you’ll notice that it has started to come together into a a thick texture.
  • Add in the corn syrup and the 3 chopped candy bars and give another stir until thoroughly combined. You will see that the nougat and chocolate melts into the chocolate fudge mixture. add milky way pieces to fudgemilky way chocolate melting into chocolate fudge
  • Pour half this fudge mixture into the baking tin. pour fudge mixture
  • Scatter the Milky Way candy bar chunks or bars onto the fudge evenly. Use the spatula to press down. milky way chocolate bar fudgeadd milky way chocolate chunks to fudgeadd fudge layer to milky way
  • Now add the remaining half of fudge mixture. Press down evenly. Scatter on the Milky Way Stars if you’ve chosen too. add chocolate fudge layer to milky way fudgeadd milky way magic stars to chocolate fudge
  • Let it cool for 20 minutes and set for a further 3-4 hours in the fridge.
  • When the Milky Way fudge has set, you should take it out the baking tray, place onto the cutting board and cut into bitesized chunks. You should be able to get 36 pieces of fudge out this recipe. cut and serve milky way fudge recipe
  • Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.


Was Milky Way the first candy bar?

Milky Way was the first candy to be introduced with a filling back in 1923.

Is chocolate fudge hard or soft?

When cooked correctly, fudge should hold its own shape and be somewhere between hard and soft. You may find the sugar based fudge recipes can be more hard and crumbly, whereas chocolate based fudge can be softer as you sink your teeth in.

Find out more about the difference between fudge and chocolate here.

Is condensed milk the same as evaporated milk?

Condensed milk is evaporated milk with the addition of high sugar quantities. Thus, this make condensed milk thicker and of course sweeter.

Evaporated milk is not sweet and has a liquid consistency much like the original milk you see in the grocery store refrigeration aisle.

Condensed milk and evaporated milk can be found in the canned goods section.

In Summary

This is just the start of our venture into a series of chocolate bar fudge recipes. Serving this with a glass of milk will definitely spread joy to your loved ones. Or serve with an Ovaltine to compliment the classic malted milk of the Milky Way taste.

If this recipe has ignited your taste of adventure, why not explore our other fudge recipes?

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