Best peppermint fudge recipe using After Eight

It’s that time of year once again – time to get creative in the kitchen with festive and delicious treats. One treat that always stands out is peppermint fudge, a sweet, creamy and oh-so-tasty holiday dessert.

What is peppermint fudge?

Peppermint fudge is a delicious holiday confection that is sure to make your mouth water. This sweet treat combines creamy, sweet fudge with the cool minty flavor of peppermint. Fragrant and irresistible, peppermint fudge can be made in no time at all, making it the perfect dessert for any occasion.

The addition of After Eight chocolates infuses each bite with an unmistakable blast of flavor that will delight all who enjoy it!

But how do you make the best peppermint fudge recipe?

Fortunately, creating this classic confection doesn’t have to be difficult. At Call Me Fudge, we’re giving you a few tips and tricks you can employ to make your peppermint fudge not only delicious but also look beautiful when served.

Here are some of our favorite tips for making the perfect homemade peppermint fudge…

Our best ever After Eight fudge recipe

After Eight fudge – a decadent combination of chocolate and mint that comes together in one heavenly bite! This recipe takes only a few minutes to make and is perfect for treating guests at your next dinner party or holiday gathering.

Enjoy this sinfully delicious After Eight Fudge as an after-dinner treat or sweet snack! Perfectly balanced between the deep intensity of chocolate and the refreshing zing of mint, it’s sure to put you in the holiday spirit all year round!


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Peppermint After Eight Fudge Recipe

Best peppermint fudge recipe using After Eight

  • Author: Caroline
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 63 pieces 1x




    • In the large bowl, place in the chocolate chips, condensed milk and butter.

    • Heat in the microwave in short 40 second intervals. Making sure that you stir each time to prevent the chocolate from burning. melt after eight fudge ingredients

    • Once the chocolate mixture has melted, add in the corn syrup, cocoa powder and confectioners sugar.

    • Mix until it has all combined thoroughly – the chocolate fudge should be thick and starting to pull away from the bowl.

    • Now add the After Eight’s or chocolate peppermint creams and half of the Aero chocolate too. These will melt from the residual heat of the chocolate fudge. add aero mint to after eight fudge
melt after eights into chocolate fudge

    • Transfer the fudge mixture into the lined baking tray and use the silicone spatula to spread evenly.pouring after eight fudge into baking pan

    • Next, wait 10 minutes before adding your decorations. This will ensure they don’t melt instantly. Decorate as you please, we love the look of adding the flavors used within the chocolate fudge on top to decorate with. decorate after eight fudge

    • Let the fudge cool completely before placing it in the fridge to set further.

    • Set in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

    • Take it out and cut into 1 inch squares, you should be able to get 63 pieces of fudge! cut and serve peppermint after eight fudge

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Top Tip:

To add an extract minty kick you can add a 1/4 TSP to the fudge when adding the mint chocolate. Ensure that it is thoroughly mixed through. If you prefer a stronger hint of mint add quarter by quarter, so that it doesn’t end up tasting like toothpaste.

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In Summary

This delightful and fragrant sweet treat can be made in no time at all, and is an excellent way to show off your baking prowess. With just a few simple ingredients like chocolate, butter, condensed milk, peppermint creams, you can craft an amazing dessert that everyone will love!

Plus, following these easy steps will guarantee that you craft an impeccable homemade Peppermint Fudge recipe each time you bake it. From the rich and creamy texture to the unmistakable blast of flavor in every bite, this delicious holiday treat is definitely worth trying!

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