Cocoa Powder Fudge Recipe | Chocolate fudge recipe without sweetened condensed

quick and easy cocoa powder fudge recipe

Need a quick and easy chocolate fudge recipe that will impress your guests but doesn’t contain sweetened condensed milk or actual chocolate?

Or perhaps you are frantically googling “Fudge with cocoa powder and sweetened condensed milk no chocolate” looking for something relatively healthy, ready for tomorrows forgotten school bake fundraiser?

Well there’s no need to panic, because at Call Me Fudge, we’ve got you covered.

To make this cocoa powder fudge recipe, all you need do is melt the ingredients together in the microwave or on the stove. It’s as simple as that, because this easy recipe doesn’t require classic chocolate fudge ingredients such as sweetened condensed milk or chocolate.

The thing about this cocoa powder fudge recipe, is that the fudge will be ready to serve in just a matter of hours. Plus, this recipe requires minimal effort which means no faffing around with a candy thermometer, simple ingredients and there’s no need to even set up a double boiler. Let’s just say that this recipe is easier than an “easy chocolate fudge recipe”. Sound good to you?

Let’s get you started with this easy cocoa powder fudge recipe that not only tastes amazing, but looks good too, due to its classic, chocolate fudge texture. Chocolate lovers beware, because it’s time to step over to the dark side.

At Call Me Fudge we rate this recipe 1/5 of difficulty.

Prep time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 10 minutes Setting time: 2/3 hours

What is cocoa powder ?

For some, the elimination of chocolate in a recipe would seem incomprehensible, however, cocoa powder (when combined with sugar) is the perfect substitute.

Cocoa powder is what is left when cocoa butter is extracted from the cacao beans whilst it is being processed. The dry solids from this matter is ground into what is known as cocoa powder.

Cocoa powder has a deep and earthy flavor, reminiscent of chocolate but without the sweetness or texture. Quite bitter in taste if you are a lover of really dark squares of chocolate, then cocoa will be a treat for your tastebuds. A lot of people mix warm milk and cocoa powder together to create beverages such as a mocha.

What is the difference between cocoa powder and chocolate?

Some would view cocoa powder as being the unrefined form of its later decent, chocolate. The powder has no sweetness to it, so when used in cooking sugars or sweeteners are added to enhance and balance out the flavor. The more cocoa solids a chocolate product has, the stronger the chocolate flavor will be.

Chocolate is made up of 2 main ingredients, those being cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Those ingredients are then cooked and processed with other ingredients like sugar, milk and other agents to make your favorite chocolate bar. Though, white chocolate on the other hand contains no cocoa solids whatsoever.

But the main difference between cocoa powder and chocolate are the forms in which we purchase them. One is a powder and whilst the others is most commonly sold in bars – yummy!

To learn more about cocoa powder, read our knowledge article ….

Is cocoa powder the same as chocolate powder?

Cocoa powder is not the same product as chocolate powder. Chocolate powder contains cocoa powder mixed with with other ingredients, and is best used for beverages such as creamy hot chocolates due its mellow, less bitter taste.

Who is this cocoa powder fudge recipe suitable for?

This recipe is suitable for everyone but especially those:

  • Those who have a nut allergy (just emit the nuts as an optional topping)
  • Those who are vegan/ lactose intolerant (Simply substitute the dairy ingredients such as butter and milk for suitable alternatives)

Equipment and Tools for cocoa powder fudge

For this fudge recipe you are going to need the following equipment and tools:

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cocoa powder fudge recipe

Cocoa Powder Fudge Recipe | Chocolate fudge recipe without sweetened condensed

  • Author: Caroline
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 36 pieces 1x


Units Scale

 (see Amazon ingredient prices via links):

Optional toppings (we recommend each of any of these) :


Whether you’ll be making this fudge recipe on a stove top or in the microwave a similar method is used.

  1. In a large bowl sieve the powdered sugar through the fine sieve making sure that no large clumps pass through it.
  2. Next, your are going to want to do the same with the cocoa powder, using the same bowl containing the powdered sugar.
  3. Microwave method: Once those ingredients have been finely sieved, pour in the milk and gently combine with your wooden spoon. Stove top method: Transfer the powdered sugar and cocoa powder into the large saucepan and carefully combine the milk before placing onto heat. Be careful when doing this as the fine powders may make a mess or you may enter a cloud of sugar. *Remember to take a step back and exhale* mix milk with cocoa powder
  4. Now you can add the cubed butter or margarine.add butter to cocoa powder and powdered sugar
  5. Microwave method: Heat the ingredients through with short burst of 40 seconds on a high microwave setting. Make sure to stir thoroughly so that you incorporate the ingredients together after each burst. This may take 3/4 times until the butter has fully melted and the mixture has thickened to a batter like consistency. Stove top method: On a medium heat/ medium flame stir the ingredients in the saucepan occasionally, until the mixture has thickened to a batter like consistency. In both instances, when this mixture starts to splutter, it is time to lower the heat. If your ingredients have not fully combined or the butter has not melted, you can use a microwave cover placed on top of your bowl to prevent your microwave from getting messy.heat butter in fudge mixture
  6. Once the ingredients have combined and thickened you are now ready to introduced the corn syrup/golden syrup. This is to add shine and help with the texture. At this point you can add the vanilla extract and your optional toppings if you prefer.add optional ingredients to cocoa powder fudge mixture
  7. Give the fudge mixture a stir and get ready to pour.thickened cocoa powder fudge mixture
  8. Pour the fudge mixture into the prepared pan or deep baking dish and using the silicone spatula to scrape the remaining mixture and to evenly spread the mixture around.smooth cocoa powder fudge mixture in lined tray
  9. Let the mixture cool for 20 minutes before placing into the refrigerator until firm to touch. It may take 2/3 hours, depending on how cold your fridge is.cut and serve cocoa powder fudge
  10. When the fudge has set, remove from the fridge and use the overhang of parchment paper to help you transfer the fudge over to the cutting board. Measure up how many small squares you’d like to serve and slice the fudge into squares with your sharp knife.sieving powdered sugar

How to store cocoa powder fudge

To store this cocoa powder fudge it is important that it placed in an airtight container with either plastic between the layers or parchment paper to prevent it sticking. This container should be stored in the refrigerator to prevent the fudge from melting.


Is fudge better with evaporated or condensed milk?

Fudge is neither going to be better or worse whether you use evaporated milk or condensed milk. It simply depends on the type of fudge you are making and the recipe you are following.

For more traditional fudge pieces, they’ll often require evaporated milk or even whole milk. The two milk products will have a different textural outcome to the fudge.

For some fudge recipes that do contain condensed milk please see our blog 10 best condensed milk fudge recipes.

Why didn’t my fudge set?

Your fudge may not have set due to excess liquid or in some instances it may not have been cooked to the right temperature.

Remember to measure out your ingredients carefully before proceeding with the cooking stage. If you are going to double the recipe up, then the setting times will have to increase due to the increase in volume.

Can you get sick from expired cocoa powder?

You should not get sick from consuming expired cocoa powder from 1-2 years past expiration date. Unless your cocoa powder has not been stored correctly (in a dry and cool place) after its expiration date, in which case consuming it may cause you to be sick. If the cocoa powder has come into contact with moisture, mold may begin to form.

How long is baking cocoa good for after the expiration date?

Cocoa powder should be fine to use and consume after 1-2 years post expiration date. And 1 year after it has been opened. Though the strength and potency of the powder will reduce over time.

Does cocoa powder need to be refrigerated after opening?

Cocoa powder does not require refrigeration after opening as long as it placed in a sealed container, and stored in a dry, cool place. Storing the powder in your pantry or kitchen cupboard will suffice.

In Summary

This is a recipe for those that love fudge but hate the hassle that comes with making it. With only a handful of ingredients needed to make this fudge recipe, why not give it a go?

Who knows, it may just save your day or become one of your favourite fudge recipes.

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