Cooking measuring tools everyone should have

cooking and measuring tools

You need the right cooking measuring tools to make incredible fudge that will leave everyone begging for more.

These kitchen measuring tools make it easy to quantify ingredients, thereby, making sure the texture and taste of your fudge are spot on.

However, what cooking measuring tools should everyone have?

The cooking measuring tools that everyone should have include measuring cups, measuring spoons, a scale, a thermometer, and a timer. These tools are a nice investment because they ensure you get the right quantity of ingredients regardless of how many people enjoy your fudge.

Read on to know what to look for when buying and using measuring tools to accurately measure ingredients.

Why is measuring ingredients so important in cooking?

Whether you are cooking fudge for yourself, your family, or your friends, measuring ingredients cannot be overlooked. The following are reasons why measuring ingredients is extremely important during the cooking process.

1. Makes it easy to get the desired taste, texture, and look: This is the key reason why you need to measure ingredients. That being said, if you want your fudge to come out perfect, then you must make sure you get it right when it comes to measuring ingredients so accurate measurement is required.

2. Prevents wastage of ingredients: Another reason why you should measure ingredients is that it ensures you only use the right amount of this stuff. You already know the number of servings; hence, you measure ingredients according to this number.

3. Keeps health in check: Apart from significantly altering the taste of food, disproportionate ingredients can cause health complications. Spices, for instance, can cause discomfort and sweating when used in excess.

Measuring dry ingredients vs wet ingredients

There is a difference between ounces that measure weight, and fluid ounces which you rely on for measuring liquids and volume.

In liquid measuring cups, one cup is equivalent to eight ounces. However, the conversion changes when it comes to dry ingredients, given that dry ingredients range massively in weight.

For instance, dry measuring cups for chocolate chips example, weighs slightly more than six ounces, whereas a cup of all-purpose flour weighs four-and-a-half ounces. Now, these figures are not anywhere close to eight ounces.

This means if a recipe demands that you use one ounce of a particular dry ingredient, then the best thing to do is to use a scale to weigh that ingredient. If a recipe wants you to use one ounce of particular liquid ingredients, consider using a liquid measuring cup.

Ideally, there are two types of measuring cups; a dry measuring cup and the aforementioned liquid measuring cup. As its name suggests, a dry measuring cup is designed to measure such dry ingredients as berries, nuts, and flour. A liquid measuring cup, on the other hand, measures liquids such as yogurt, cooking oil, and water.

Another thing to note is that liquid measuring cups have handles and are normally either glass measuring cups or plastic measuring cups. Besides, they have measurement lines and are designed to let you pour liquid without spilling it.

This is opposed to dry measuring cups that hold the exact amount of the dry ingredient you are measuring. In dry measuring cups, you will have to level off with a flat edge. Nearly all measuring cups are dishwasher safe.

What is the difference between weight and volume?

In science, we are taught that volume is the amount of space an object occupies. Examples of volume measurements are cubic feet of helium, gallons of milk, and cups of flour. Weight, on the other hand, is simply the measurement of the heaviness of an object. Its examples include kilograms of apples, grams of salt, and pounds of sugar.

When looking at the difference between volume and weight in regard to making fudge, you notice that some ingredients are denser than others. For instance, water is denser than flour; hence, it takes up a smaller volume compared to flour.

What causes confusion when referring to volume and weight measurements is the ounce. An ounce is an imperial unit of measurement that you can use to get the exact weight or volume of an ingredient. As said earlier, regular ounces refer to weight, while fluid ounces refer to volume.

Tools that measure weight:

  • Scales – a weighing scale is used to determine the weight of an object. It works by measuring a deflection, which, in this case, occurs when the load deforms the spring. The force required to deform the spring is then measured before being converted into weight.
  • Digital scales – theseare the most commonly used type of scales in the kitchen. That is because they are easy to use and often give accurate results. While some are battery-operated, others rely on the power mains supply to function.

Tools that measure volume:

  • Measuring cups – These cup-like measuring tools come in handy for measuring the ingredients you use to make fudge. They can measure different forms of ingredients such as milk, oil, water, flour, and brown sugar. Measuring cups have scale markings at varying heights and are extremely easy to use. All you need to do is add the ingredient you want to measure until it reaches the desired level. The calibrations for these cup-like measuring tools are in fluid ounces and pints. Sometimes these are often also referred to as a measuring spoon.
  • Measuring jugs – Measuring jugs are important kitchen measuring tools too. That being said, you can use them to get the precise amount of ingredients you plan to include in your fudge. Like measuring spoons and cups, measuring jugs are not so difficult to use. Plus, they have calibrations that make it easy to know if you have reached the desired level. It is worth noting that measuring jugs are suitable for measuring liquid ingredients. They ensure spill-free pouring of liquids, thereby, allowing you to cook fudge in a clean place.

What kitchen measuring tools should you have?

Below are kitchen measuring tools that we recommend:

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The Smithcraft includes a set of nine pieces. These are one cup (240ml), three-quarter cup (180ml), two-thirds cup (160ml), half a cup (120ml), a third cup (80ml), a quarter cup (60ml), an eighth cup (30ml), 1/16 cup (15ml), and one ring.

This set is easy to use, which makes it one of the handiest measuring tools in every person’s kitchen.

Additionally, all nine pieces are made of 304 stainless steel metal, plus they feature a satin finish that prevents them from rusting whilst providing you with accurate measurements.

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Measuring spoons

Springchef is a complete set that includes one tablespoon, one teaspoon, an eighth teaspoon, a three-quarter teaspoon, a quarter teaspoon, and half a teaspoon.

These measuring spoon sets are no doubt a must-have for someone who wants to get the right quantity of ingredients every time they are making fudge.

They are made of heavy-duty top-notch stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and bending. Furthermore, these measuring spoons are dishwasher-friendly for quick, easy cleaning.

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After measuring spoons we have scales, an essential measuring kitchen utensil. When looking for high-performance measuring tools to help you make delicious fudge with ease, digital kitchen scales have to be among them.

Featuring a large digital screen protected by glass, the OXO Grips Scale is extremely easy to use. The scale also has a unit conversion button that measures in kilograms, grams, pounds, and ounces.

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Meat Thermometer

The Lavatools Meat Thermometer is equipped with a large backlit display made of glass. Besides, the display of such a thermometer is normally ambidextrous for maximum convenience.

This meat thermometer also boasts splash-proof construction with an IP rating of 65. Plus, its response time is ultra-fast, and the accuracy is better than +/-0.9 degrees Fahrenheit.

These features no doubt make the meat thermometer one of the most useful measuring tools to have in the kitchen.

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Candy thermometer

A candy thermometer is exactly what you need to make mouthwatering fudge. Made of glass and other high-quality materials like stainless steel, the KT Thermo Candy Thermometer will stand the test of time.

Moreover, this candy thermometer is easy to read, plus it features an adjustable attached clip that allows you to attach it to a pan of any size.

The fact that you are able to attach it to any pan means your hands will be free, which, in turn, makes cooking fudge a cakewalk.

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In addition to measuring spoons, measuring cups, thermometers, and scales, do not forget to have a reliable timer in your kitchen. That is because, like other measuring tools, a timer will help you make awesome fudge every time.

Invest in a quality like the Searon Countdown Kitchen Timer. This timer has a maximum setup timer of 60 minutes to give you the flexibility to explore different ways of making fudge.

The timer also has a loud alarm sound of between 80 and 90 decibels, which makes it easy to hear even when you are in another room. It is important to note that some timers feature a backlit made of sturdy glass for unparalleled convenience.


Such cooking measuring tools as a measuring cup, measuring spoons, a timer, a scale, and a thermometer should never miss from your kitchen.

They make the experience of making fudge unforgettable by ensuring you get the quantity of ingredients to be used right.

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