The 10 Most Desirable Butter Pecan Fudge Recipes

10 butter pecan fudge recipes

If you’re a talented fudge maker looking for something different and exciting to create, or you’re looking for a recipe you can take to a dinner party, or you’re just curious about butter pecan fudge!

We’ve got something on this list for everyone, from the bakers to the enthusiasts and we’re so excited to show you the 10 most desirable butter pecan fudge recipes available!

Fudge pecan recipes are perfect during the holiday season, or just about any other time of year if you’re a fudge enthusiast looking to broaden your fudge palette with nuts, fruits, and spices, that all compliment fudge so impeccably.

So, get comfortable and get ready to get stuck into the butteriest pecan fudge recipes and get baking this week.

1. Easy Praline Pecan Fudge Recipe

Fudge is notorious for being smooth, creamy, and rich in its flavors when baked to perfection, however, have you ever tried a fudge with beautifully placed chunks of pecans and pralines that spice up your favorite fudge recipe?

Well, if you haven’t, you can today with this easy praline and pecan fudge recipe by Betty Crocker!

This recipe tastes exactly like praline candy with a hint of bourbon added to the recipe to spice up the holidays, and your tastebuds.

The recipe starts off with adding powdered sugar and bourbon to an electric mixer until it begins to hold shape and is warm to the touch, just like you’re going to be when you try this smooth fudge mixed with warm and spicy bourbon for a unique taste for the eccentric people out there.

2. Butterscotch-Pecan Fudge Recipe

Another Betty Crocker fudge recipe coming your way because we just love how creamy and delicious their fudge recipes are and you will too when you try out the famous butterscotch-pecan fudge recipe, developed for all your desires and taste preferences when it comes down to fudgy, buttery recipes.

Once you’ve combined your sugar, butter, and milk and stirred for an adequate amount of time, marshmallows are then added to make this recipe even smoother, and brown sugar is used to give it that rich, sugary taste and texture.

If you’re entertaining this Christmas season, or this is a baker’s treat for one, this recipe will be a hit with everyone, young and old. So, don’t miss out on testing the waters with this fudge, the water is warm and ready for you!

3. Butter Pecan Fudge Recipe

This recipe by Growing Up Gabel is a nostalgic take on pecan fudge and if you’re looking for a classic with a fun twist, their recipe is simple but tastes delicious, whilst encouraging a less traditional take on the appearance of the fudge.

They’ve gone for more of a rocky texture so that the fudge crackles on the surface and goes so well with the ridgy pecan pieces that are added to the fudge.

It takes a lot of patience and stirring, but once it’s set and cooled to room temperature, you can get stuck into trying out your homemade delicacy! Be sure to toast those pecans before adding them into the fudge to let the smell and aroma of the nuts out.

If you’re a baking enthusiast looking to make a traditional fudge this season the proper way, try it out for yourself and add your own twists into the recipe to make it unique to you and your loved ones.

4. White Chocolate And Pecan Christmas Fudge Recipe

White Chocolate And Pecan Christmas Fudge Recipe (Baking Mad)
Source: Baking Mad

The original maker of this white chocolate and pecan Christmas fudge by Baking Mad recipes, has used an unrefined light Muscovado sugar which gives a natural caramel undertone to the fudge, giving it an enhanced velvety taste and texture, which is a perfect advocate for the holiday seasons.

As well as this, golden syrup and cinnamon have been incorporated into the recipe to give this fudge something extra special, (as if it wasn’t already!) and no stones have been left unturned with this recipe for a luxury Christmas desirable fudge that can be enjoyed by all the family.

And it will leave them wondering where you developed the skills to perfect the creamiest butter pecan fudge they’ve ever come across.

5. Festive White Chocolate Pecan Cranberry Fudge Recipe

Experimenting with contrasting flavors and aromas during the holidays is what Christmas is for, and this white chocolate pecan cranberry fudge recipe by Kitchen Mason utilizes a Christmas favorite that goes with roast dinners and desserts.

Cranberries! White chocolate and cranberries are an unorthodox combination but set beautifully into fudge to enable you to make the fudge of your dreams.

The recipe consists of mostly white chocolate, butter, condensed milk, vanilla extract, pecans, and dried cranberries which really are as easy as 1, 2, 3, to combine into an easy and simple fudge tray recipe.

It also makes for a thoughtful homemade gift for any loved one who enjoyed sweet things during the holiday season, and who doesn’t?

6. Pecan Pie Cheesecake Fudge

Pecan pie, cheesecake, and fudge have been combined together to make the ultimate pecan fudge recipe that will knock your socks off any day of the week!

Lady Behinds the Curtain has developed this recipe in a simple way so you can enjoy three desserts in one, if you’re an indecisive person who just cannot decide which dessert to try out, this fudge is perfect for you as you don’t have to decide!

And this recipe lets you have complete creative freedom to add and take away ingredients and flavors based on your own preferences.

Maybe you want to add an extra crunch to the toppings with different types of nuts and dried fruits? Go ahead as any flavors go so well with this recipe, you have just got to try it.

7. Caramel And Pecan Fudge Recipe

Fudge is extremely versatile, so it makes for an ideal gift for any family or friend! Why not try out this simplistic, but delicious caramel pecan fudge recipe by Casa Costello that anyone can enjoy.

The recipe has been kept simple so it’s diverse for all tastebuds, and if there’s an ingredient you want to add or take away to make it extra special for you, that’s not a problem!

This is a crumbly, buttery fudge, that is a little on the rustic side in appearance, but is a loved homemade recipe that can be passed onto all your friends and family so they can develop their own fudge that holds a special meaning to them.

And if you know someone who will appreciate a homemade gift that is a little more on the rustic side, this butter pecan fudge is perfect.

8. Coffee Pecan Fudge Recipe

Coffee Pecan Fudge Recipe (waitrose)
Source: Waitrose

This coffee pecan fudge recipe is going to be the eye-catching centerpiece on your dining table as it incorporates buttery fudge with bitter coffee to make for a tasty, unique treat that can be enjoyed thoroughly any time of the year.

Waitrose has made this recipe so you can share it with your closest loved ones and introduce them to a whole new range of fudge flavors and combinations.

Again it’s as simple as combining everything in a pan to melt, and then adding in the sugar until it’s completely dissolved.

Then, 12-15 minutes later you’ve got a fully mixed fudge recipe that you can spread out into your tray and add the perfect amount of pecan nuts to the mixture in any amount you’d like. You get the creative freedom of adding all the pecans in the world, or just a few to your fudge.

9. Maple Pecan Fudge

Maple Pecan Fudge
Source: Waitrose

Have we got a unique flavor combination for you to try out! Waitrose has yet again come up with a desirable buttery pecan fudge recipe that uses golden syrup, maple syrup, double cream, full cream milk, and your own choice of bourbon or jack daniels whiskey to really spice things up in the hot pan!

This fudge has a slightly smoky and butterscotch taste to it that the maple syrup and bourbon add and if you like your fudge as creamy as it comes, this fudge recipe is the go-to for you and once you’ve tried it for yourself, there’s no going back, so here’s the pre-warning for you now!

It’s also a fudge that will very quickly disappear around guests and family members so you’ve been warned of its effects on people.

10. Golden Montagu Pecan And Date Fudge

Have you been searching high and low for a fudge pecan recipe that looks as fabulous as it tastes? This buttery pecan and date fudge recipe by Chef Mynhardt is as luxurious as it gets in the pecan fudge world and the best part about this recipe?

Well, there are many best parts, but an opportunity to use a microwave alone to bake something is a win-win situation!

The ingredients list is simple, the method is simple, and the baking and preparation times are 15 minutes each making this the quickest pecan fudge recipe you can make right now whilst reading this article!

So, get going, and in a few hours, you could have the creamiest, rich fudge right in the palm of your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Fudge With Pecans?

Making fudge with added pecans is as simple as any other fudge recipe out there, you need to bring all your ingredients together in a pan until boiling, stirring in the butter, sugars, and any other added ingredients.

Then just fold the pecans into the fudge and leave to set. Fudge recipes allow for any type of nuts or toppings to be added easily once you’ve got the base layer of your fudge mixed.

What Is The Best Way To Thicken Fudge?

Make your fudge in the same way as you would any other fudge recipe, whilst adding in cream to thicken. Once the mixture comes to a rapid boil over medium heat, cool, without stirring to 110 degrees for around 30 minutes.

Then you want to beat until the fudge begins to thicken and there you have it, the perfect way to thicken your fudge recipe.

In Summary

When we think pecan, we often think of pecan pie or a maple pecan pastry. These pecan fudge recipes are so good you’ll want to swap out the pecan pie and make fudge instead. Imagine that a pecan dessert that isn’t pie. Some of the recipes we’ve presented have different textures to others. Some resemble the classic fudge crumble texture and others thick and dense chewy pecan delight.

We hope you’ll be happy with your new fudge recipe and some suggested reads for you:



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