10 Delicious Brown Sugar Fudge Recipes

10 delicious brown sugar Fudge recipes

Fudge is one of the greatest sweet things you can make at home. There are so many different ways to make even a simple fudge – and of course, there are so many fantastic ways you can make your own unique fudges too, with all sorts of flavor possibilities!

If you want to make your own fudge, why not start off with a delicious simple brown fudge recipe? We’ve got plenty of them – 10 of the absolute best recipes, in fact! You’ll see just how many ways there are to make a great brown sugar fudge – and of course, you’ll get to try some amazing tasting sweet things along the way!

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1. Brown Sugar Fudge

Fudge is always a little on the decadent side – it’s so sweet and delicious that it’s easy to feel guilty about eating it! Well, this recipe is even more decadent, thanks to the addition of a cup of heavy cream. It has a light vanilla flavor, due to the teaspoon of vanilla that you’ll be using in it.

Use a candy thermometer for most accurate monitoring of the temperature when cooking. Once you’ve got it to the right temperature, take it off the heat, and stir in some unsalted butter and that delicious vanilla extract.

Pop it all in the mixer on low speed for about 5 minutes until it thickens up – once you’ve got the creamy, smooth texture that you’re after, it’s time to pour into a baking dish and let it cool!

You can keep this in an airtight container for a week or 2 at room temperature- or, for bigger batches, stick it in the freezer, where it will last for up to 3 months!

2. Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge
Source: BBC Food

IOf you;re going to make brown sugar fudge, then why stop there? Go the whole way, and make something truly delicious – like this recipe for chocolate marshmallow brown sugar fudge!

This is an absolutely delicious way to make fudge, and you’ll love the absolute best bit – two types of chocolate along with those delicious marshmallows!

You’ll use just over 10 ounces of milk chocolate, and just under a third of that (3 ounces) in dark chocolate too. It’ll smell so delicious when you’re making it that you‘ll barely be able to wait for it!

Make sure you do, though – because once this is cooled and cut, you’ll have 25 delicious squares of some of the most beautiful marshmallow fudge. And what’s more, they’ll only take you around 40 minutes to prepare and cook!

3. Brown Sugar Fudge With Pumpkin Spice Walnuts

Brown Sugar Fudge with Pumpkin Spice Walnuts
Source: DIY Candy

Pumpkin spice has been an “in” flavor for a while now – and it makes an absolutely fantastic addition to this great recipe for fudge! The recipe for the fudge is quite simple – you’ll need just 4 ingredients. 12 ounces of evaporated milk, a cup and a half of light brown sugar, some butter, and a dash of salt.

The star of the show here is the walnut topping, however – it’s where the delicious flavor of this fudge lives! You’ll chop some walnuts up, and mix them up with olive oil, sugar, and pumpkin pie spice, making a really delicious addition to this simple fudge recipe!

The whole thing will only take you 5 minutes to prepare, and 20 minutes to cook – then, all you have to do is wait for the fudge to cool before cutting it into delicious, tiny little morsels of sweet pumpkin spice goodness!

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4. Bourbon Brown Sugar Fudge – Easy Fudge Recipe

This recipe is a great way to make a delicious treat that will make a great gift for any grown-ups – or, of course,a great sweet way to treat yourself! This recipe is quite sweet, using 2 cups of brown sugar and 2 cups of powdered sugar – but that’s offset a little by the delicious richness that the bourbon adds to the overall flavor!

Don’t overdo it with the bourbon, of course – and remember to add some of those delicious chopped and toasted pecans too! Give it time to chill, and you’ll find that you’ve made an absolutely divine treat that’s both super sweet, and yet has a little bit of kick and spice thanks to the bourbon!

5. Brown Sugar Fudge – Nanny’s Recipe

Using light brown sugar makes this recipe a nice, lighter way of making a brown sugar fudge. You’ll mix 3/4 of a cup of evaporated milk with 2 and a half cups of light brown sugar, 2 spoons of corn syrup, and a tiny dash of salt.

Heat them up until they reach 230 degrees – so be sure to use a candy thermometer if possible – and then add butter and allow to cool to 200 degrees. Then, stir in some walnuts, and your fudge is almost ready!

So simple, and so delicious – just make sure not to forget to add that delicious vanilla flavor, and the chopped walnuts. This recipe will take you through it step by step!

6. Brown Sugar Fudge

Brown Sugar Fudge (All Recipes)
Source: All Recipes

For a great tasting and extremely simple recipe for brown sugar fudge, look no further than this absolutely fantastic recipe from Kath at allrecipes.com!

It’s so simple to make – you’ll need just 4 ingredients, and one optional extra. Just get 3 cups of brown sugar, 3/4 cup of evaporated milk, 1 cup of butter, and 2 cups of confectioners sugar, and that’s all you need – but if you like, get a cup of chopped walnuts too for an optional addition to this fantastic fudge!

You’ll need an 8×8 inch pan for this, lightly greased so the fudge doesn’t stick. After 15 minutes of preparation and just 10 minutes of cooking, it’s almost ready – just leave it for around half an hour so that it’s ready to cut into squares. This recipe will give you 64 pieces of fudge, which will weigh around 3 lbs!

7. Brown Sugar Fudge With Salted Chocolate Ganache

Now this is a really, really special treat – brown sugar fudge with salted chocolate ganache! It’s so sweet, with just a hint of salt – but that can’t overpower the cup of dark brown sugar, and the cup of white chocolate that make this a super rich, decadent, and delicious recipe!

And, of course, the 4 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate that go into the chocolate topping of this great tasting fudge. Once you’ve topped the fudge with this rich layer of flavor, you’ll add the finishing touches – a small sprinkle of sea salt!

The final piece of this super sweet, yet intriguingly salty fudge. Don’t forget the 4 ounces of roasted pecans either – but if you like, you can switch those out for roasted walnuts instead!

8. Leche Quemada – Easy Brown Sugar Fudge

Leche quemada translates to “burnt milk” – but don’t let that name fool you into thinking that this is anything but an absolutely delicious treat!

It’s really easy to make, and can be rustleds up in just 16 minutes. And the 5 ounces of marshmallow cream that you’ll add make this so rich, creamy, and sweet that you’ll want to make this over and over again!

You can also optionally add a cup of pecans to the mixture too – simply add them in at the same time that you add the butter to the mixture. A hint of vanilla thanks to the teaspoon of vanilla flavoring adds the final touches to the delicious, sweet taste of this lovely traditional recipe!

9. Brown Sugar Fudge Cake

If you’re bored of the standard way of making fudge – cutting it into tiny pieces after it cools – then why not try something a little different out?

This recipe combines two of the greatest things on Earth – brown sugar fudge and cake. You cannot go wrong with a combination like that! Perfect for if you want something fudgy, but cakey at the same time.

It’s got a glorious flavor thanks to the incredibly rich set of ingredients – including a cup of buttermilk, and melted chocolate, which make a great topping that’s got the sweet taste of fudge – but on a cake!

This is a great idea, and really makes a change from only ever having that fudge flavor in tiny little pieces – so why not try it out?

10. Old Fashioned Brown Sugar Fudge

This is such a sweet way to make a delicious fudge – you’ll use two different types of sugar! 2 cups of golden yellow sugar, and a cup of white sugar both guarantee that this is definitely one for those of you who love it sweet.

Add in a quarter cup of heavy cream, and a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, and you’ve got a sweet, rich, and delicious way to make fudge. As always when making sweet things, a candy thermometer will help you out a lot – it’ll make sure you know exactly when your mixture is ready to take off the stove!

You’ll need about half an hour to make this recipe, and at least 45 minutes for it to cool in a fridge. However, for best results, leave it overnight – that way, you know it’ll be just right for cutting up into little pieces the next day.

In Summary

Brown sugar fudge, probably one of the most iconic fudge types of there. With its rustic appeal and crumbly texture, serve with some milk or a cup of tea. Delicious! These 10 fantastic brown sugar fudge recipes, you’ve got so many amazing ways to make some delicious fudge at home! Have fun making and eating them!


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