The 10 Best Pumpkin Fudge Recipes

One of the greatest things about fudge is that you can make it in so many flavors. While there are so many delicious flavors, and flavor combinations, you can choose from, we think that you’ll adore pumpkin fudge. 

Pumpkin is an absolutely delicious flavor. It’s sweet and creamy, which makes it a perfect match for fudge recipes. To us, pumpkin tastes like a bite of fall. It reminds me of fallen leaves, cozy sweaters, and long strolls in the park.

There’s nothing quite as comforting as pumpkin, and it’s the ability to transform the moment. It really can remind you of that fall feeling, no matter what month you’re in. 

You can eat pumpkin flavored goods all year long, but it’s more commonly available during the fall months. Depending on the month, pumpkin products are not readily available, and it can be really difficult to find any.

If you’re like us and can’t get enough of pumpkin, or one of your loved ones is pumpkin-mad, then you will adore these recipes. 

When hunting the web for pumpkin fudge recipes, you’re going to get overwhelmed. There are dozens of different recipes, with a variety of ratings. To aid you in your search for the best pumpkin fudge recipes, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite recipes, that are available online. 

The recipes we have chosen are for a variety of abilities. Some of them will be ideal for beginners, and others are better left for a very confident baker.

Generally though, making fudge, and pumpkin fudge especially, is a pretty simple and mild level activity. Oftentimes, they’re family-friendly recipes, meaning it’ll be ideal to bake with your kids.

Plus, if the recipe calls for fresh pumpkin, this can be really fun to bake with the family, as you could carve the pumpkin before use (although, you definitely can’t light it!). 

With that said, let’s dive into the amazing pumpkin fudge recipes that we have tirelessly researched!

The 10 Best Pumpkin Fudge Recipes

Below, we have 10 delicious pumpkin fudge recipes that you can try today. 

1. Pumpkin Fudge

Pumpkin Fudge
Source: Simple Joy

The first recipe on our list comes from the lovely website Simple Joy.

One reason that we love this pumpkin fudge recipe is that it uses real pumpkin, so you’re going to be getting the most authentic flavor you can possibly obtain. It also only uses a few other ingredients, which makes the recipe a lot less complicated.

Simple Joy turns the fresh pumpkin into a pumpkin purée, which means that it is a liquid, which can alter the usual ratio of ingredients. To resolve this, you have to use more chocolate than you would normally use for fudge. 

Plus, to get a real pumpkin pie flavor, you should make sure you have vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves at hand. 

It’s a really easy recipe, ideal for first-time bakers and long-term bakers alike. 

2. Pumpkin Fudge

Our next pumpkin fudge recipe is delicious, and makes a massive 3 pounds of pumpkin fudge! 

While it does contain quite a few ingredients, it’s designed to make the pumpkin fudge extra creamy and soft. This recipe uses 7 ounces of marshmallow crème, which will taste absolutely delicious in fudge. 

It also uses chopped pecans, but feel free to omit these if you’re not keen on nuts, or someone has a nut allergy. It already contains 10 ounces of cinnamon baking chips, so you’ll get a little of a crisp texture anyhow. 

3. Pumpkin Fudge with Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips

So, this recipe for pumpkin fudge with peanut butter and chocolate chips is an absolute showstopper. If you’re looking to really surprise someone with your baking skills, then this recipe is the way to go. 

If you’re looking for extra creamy fudge, then look no further, this recipe will produce some of the softest fudge possible. Surprisingly, while it is a little more complicated than other recipes, it’s not that difficult to make.

It follows the usual method of melting the ingredients in a saucepan, but in this instance, you’ll be adding in extra yummy ingredients, and some toppings too. 

What makes this recipe the perfect showstopper, is because flavor-wise, it’s very complex. Due to the powerful flavor, it’ll impress almost everyone. 

4. Easy Pumpkin Pie Fudge

This recipe was made for Thanksgiving. If you really want to add that extra ‘wow’ this year, then use this recipe for easy pumpkin pie fudge. 

It’s soft, creamy, and tastes like the best pumpkin pie your grandma ever did make. To make it easier, you’ll be using canned pumpkin, which is great if you’re already busy in the kitchen.

You’ll also need pumpkin pie spice and light corn syrup, to produce that delicious pumpkin pie taste we all know so well. 

While this is a very sweet dessert, if you prefer desserts that aren’t overly sweet, the baker has confirmed that you can either add ¼ teaspoon of salt or use salted butter (opposed to unsalted). Easy fixes for every palette! 

5. Pumpkin Fudge

Next up is this very easy recipe for pumpkin fudge by Fresh April Flours.

The star quality of this recipe is that it’s simple in theory, which makes it a great recipe to use with kids. It produces very rich fudge that has a very smooth texture.

Fresh April Fours also uses pumpkin purée, so a real authentic taste of pumpkin will come through beautifully. 

It’s the usual technique of melting the ingredients on the stove, but once you’ve removed the mixture from the heat, you’ll want to add in some extras. This will be white chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. When that’s melted, you can add in some pecans. If you’re not a fan of nuts, you can miss this step — no harm done! 

6. Vegan Pumpkin Pie Fudge 

We’ll never forget about our vegans out there because we all should get to enjoy delicious, tasty fudge. 

This is a very simple recipe for vegan pumpkin pie fudge, suitable for bakers of all abilities. 

The most notable difference is that this recipe calls for dates. They’re very soft and will add a delicious caramel flavor to your dish. You’ll also be using canned pumpkin purée and pumpkin spice. Although, if you cannot find pumpkin pie spice, the baker does a great job of recommending a selection of spices to mimic the flavor. 

Given that the recipe calls for dates, you will need a food processor for this recipe, as the dates need to be sustainably processed for the recipe to work. They also need to be soft, but if they look a little dry, soak them in hot water for 15 minutes, and then drain the water. 

It’s a very healthy version of pumpkin pie fudge, and it is also gluten-free. This could be a perfect recipe for those who are trying to consume less processed sugars during the holidays or trying to produce baked goods which are a little healthier. 

7. Healthy 4 Ingredient Pumpkin Fudge 

Here is another wonderful recipe for a healthy version of pumpkin fudge

While this recipe is not advertised as vegan, it definitely is, so it’s safe for vegans to bake too. Plus, it’s also gluten-free, keto, low-carb, and paleo — wow! 

So, what’s different about this recipe is that it uses cashew butter and keto maple syrup. If you don’t own keto maple syrup, just use regular maple syrup instead, it’s not particularly unhealthier.

Other than that, you’re looking at pumpkin purée and coconut oil, with the added option of pumpkin pie spice. I certainly recommend using the pumpkin pie spice in this recipe, as otherwise, the flavor of the cashew butter could become too overpowering. 

It produces a very creamy and smooth fudge, which is overall much healthier than our other recipes. 

8. Slow Cooker Pumpkin Fudge Recipe

We immediately were drawn to this recipe for Slow Cooker Pumpkin Fudge.

We thought that was really great, especially during the holiday season when families are so busy cooking and baking a hundred meals at once. The more we read, the more we fell in love with it. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and definitely a unique take on pumpkin fudge. 

Instead of a traditional pumpkin fudge recipe, this recipe uses milk chocolate and white chocolate, with pumpkin syrup. It creates a kind of chocolate fudge, with a flavor of pumpkin. This could be really great for picky palates, who aren’t totally in love with pumpkin but will eat anything that tastes like chocolate. 

All you have to do, in very basic form, is pop the ingredients into a slow cooker, and stir every ten minutes, for four minutes. It’s a lot easier to manage than having to be at the stove constantly, and we think it’ll make the lives of some families much easier. 

9. Easy Oreo Pumpkin Pie Fudge 

Our next recipe for easy Oreo pumpkin pie fudge comes from Noshing With The Nolands

We liked the creativity that this recipe bought. Even with fudge, you do not have to be traditional, you can go as modern as you like. It’s an amazing recipe, which has a delightful twist. While it is soft and creamy, it has a delicious crunch from the very yummy Oreos cookies. 

The rest of the ingredients are pretty standard, you’ll be using canned pumpkin purée, pumpkin spice, and condensed milk. Then it’s just white chocolate chips and vanilla extract. It’s remarkably simple for such an interesting recipe. 

10. Pumpkin Fudge

Last, but certainly not least, is this recipe for pumpkin fudge

You’ll only need 6 ingredients for this recipe, which makes it super easy to make. It’s pretty much your basic ingredients, but it does use pumpkin spice marshmallows. Now, this will not be accessible for everyone, so use pumpkin spice powder instead, if that applies to you. 

In summary

Fall in love these pumpkin fudge recipes during those autumnal months. What could be more cosy than to sink your teeth into some pumpkin fudge with a sip of hot cocoa, sat by a warm fire. Even if its not pumpkin season and you’re craving the pumpkin flavour, these pumpkin fudge recipes will have you satisfied!


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