What is the best chocolate to use for making fudge?

what is the best chocolate to use for making fudge- callmefudge

There is a universal truth that all types of chocolate are delicious, but there are certain types that collide to make the best easy homemade chocolate fudge recipe. But since sugar and sweetened condensed milk are the primary ingredients in chocolate fudge, what is the best type of chocolate to use for making fudge?

You can use any type of chocolate to make easy chocolate fudge, but semi-sweet chocolate is a universal go-to for any chocolate fudge recipe. This type of chocolate is sweet but not overbearing when paired with the sugar in the recipe. Any variety of chocolate is great for homemade fudge.

You can honestly use whatever chocolate you want to make your fudge! But this guide will tell you how certain chocolate varieties allow for different tastes and consistencies in a batch of fudge.

Read on to find out more about what chocolate is best for you when it comes to making your easy chocolate fudge recipe.

How can chocolate be used in making fudge?

Chocolate fudge gets its name from the chocolate used in the recipe, but it is only one of three primary components that create an easy chocolate fudge recipe.

These are chocolate of your choice, vanilla extract, and sweetened condensed milk. If you choose to create dark chocolate fudge, sugar is needed as well.

But let’s be honest…it’s the chocolate flavor that is the star of the show.

Dark chocolate tends to make the firmest variety of easy chocolate fudge, but practically any type can be used.

If you use milk chocolate chips or white chocolate, the chocolate becomes a secondary ingredient of sorts. This is because these lighter varieties need more chocolate in comparison to the sweetened condensed milk, and stirring occasionally is needed with residual heat to firm up the fudge.

But the essential rule remains that any variety of chocolate is okay. Once the chocolate has melted, the fudge will be set at room temperature, but lighter chocolates will require a bit more time when compared to using darker chocolates.

What ingredients are used in making chocolate fudge?

As we all know, the ingredient list for fudge can vary depending on your own personal tastes and the ingredients that you have to hand. This variety is what helps to keep fudge a versatile and fun recipe to make and experiment with.

For example, some people prefer to add nuts to the fudge, whereas others prefer toffee bits or even candy pieces in their fudge. The extras are completely up to you!

But as for the essentials for a simple recipe of fudge, also known as a traditional method, there are three key ingredients:

This varies greatly across the world. Some preparers choose to add a pinch of salt to their fudge mixture to offset the sweetness. Some prefer to use corn syrup too, which is quite common in the U.S., and powdered sugar is added by some makers.

Butter is used, which when combined with the salt, which helps the fudge come out completely smooth and creamy, but smoothness is not always preferred.

However you choose to make your fudge, having a prepared pan (preferably an 8-inch pan) with parchment paper (preferably a square pan), a double boiler, and a wooden spoon for stirring is also crucial.

An airtight container is also beneficial for storage or the used pan with plastic wrap over it.

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Which chocolates are best to use in fudge recipes?

Easy chocolate fudge typically calls for milk chocolates, preferably milk chocolate chips since chips melt more evenly. But easy chocolate fudge is more of a quick recipe, and you can certainly experiment with other chocolates if you have the time to make chocolate fudge that requires some special steps.

Since chips are the best type of chocolates to use for fudge, let’s take a look at what you can expect with each variety.

Chocolate chips – best for melting evenly

Semi-sweet chocolate chips

The semisweet variety is standard since, when combined with sweetened condensed milk, this cuts out the need for extra sugar.

Milk chocolate chips

The milk style of chips is beneficial for those who like their recipe to be melted into a smooth and creamy texture. This variety of chips should be melted on low to medium heat only to prevent easy scorching.

White chocolate chips

White chocolate chips are similar to milk chocolate chips in terms of preparation. White chocolate fudge is considered a delicacy when cut into small squares, just take extra steps to ensure you do not scorch this variety since that is a common problem.

Dark chocolate chips

Dark chocolate chips in fudge preparations are popular with those who want a bold, and powerful chocolate taste in their fudge.

Chocolate bars– chopped finely/ broken up

Chocolate bars are good food all on their own, but if chopped finely, bars can be used in a fudge recipe! You do not have to use chips exclusively. Chocolate bars will add a more decadent flavor to your recipe, since chocolate bars have a more refined taste depending on the brand that you use.

Couverture chocolate

Couverture chocolate is renowned for its silky smooth texture, which makes it great for dipping when melted. This also makes couverture a great option to use for a fudge recipe.

Couverture has a high percentage of cocoa butter, and some brands also feature chocolate liquor, which gives this recipe a zesty, powerful flavor when compared to other chocolates. Since couverture is delicate, extra care should be paid to this type of fudge to prevent overheating.


Which chocolate is the healthiest?

Dark chocolate is by far the healthiest variety. The dark variety contains the highest variety of cocoa and very little excess sugar.

So when you want a “healthy option”, go for dark.


In summary, the best chocolate for making fudge truly depends on what you want to use. Semi-sweet chocolate allows for less added sugar and fudge made with dark chocolate is healthier and brings out a more bold and bitter chocolate taste to the fudge.

If you want both a creamy and smooth type of fudge, consider using couverture chocolate in your recipe. If you want a fudge that firms easily, use milk chocolate chips.


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