What Are The Best Copper Cookware Brands?

What are the best copper cookware brands?

When it comes to home cooking, not only do we try to strive to find and use the best ingredients for our meals, but we also want to use the best possible cookware sets.

However, cooking enthusiasts are unlikely to think of copper as their first choice of material.

This is because copper has a reputation for being more expensive than traditional steel cookware sets, and many people have reported that copper sets are often more difficult to clean.

The thing is, this isn’t always the case. In fact, copper can be one of the best materials to use for conducting heat, and they can be easy to clean – along with being available at an affordable price. You just need to know what to look for.

If you’re just looking for a heavy bottomed pot then check out our blog all about it!

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you. Below, we’ve written a comprehensive buyer’s guide that shows you the best copper cookware sets with a product review, and some frequently asked questions.

So, if you’re ready to learn a lot more – read on and discover the answers!

What to consider when buying copper cookware

Now, when you’re looking for an excellent copper cookware set, there’s going to be a whole host of things you need to look out for, so we’ve got some of the top considerations you need to make below.


One of the reasons that some cooks are apprehensive about using copper for cookware is because copper is a very reactive material in terms of heat and some acidic foods.

As a result of this, most copper cookware is coated with some other non-reactive materials.

So, when you’re looking at what type of copper cookware you want to buy, you should look for cookware with some of the following materials included:

Tin/Stainless Steel

Generally speaking, you should be able to find tin or stainless steel used with copper cookware, as the majority of manufacturers will use it due to its inexpensive nature.

Typically, the cookware will be almost entirely copper, but the interior of the pots and pans will be lined with thin layers of stainless steel or tin.

As a result, you get a high-quality pot with excellent heat conduction and it prevents any copper from getting into the food.


You may notice some products on the market being listed as having a copper core.

What this means at its most basic level is that a thick layer of copper is essentially sandwiched between other layers of non-reactive metals until they’re bonded into one metal sheet.

The “ply” denotes how many of these layers have been used in the pot or pan’s cladding, which is then normally finished with a copper lining for visual purposes. Often, you will find tri-ply but it can go as high as seven or eight.

Copper Bottom

This is quite simple. Copper bottom is cookware that has a layer of copper at the base for heat conduction, whereas the sides and the interior are made from a different, non-reactive metal material.

Faux Copper

Faux copper provides the visual response of copper for any cook, but it does not provide the heat conductivity that real copper offers.

However, this also means that the price is often reduced due to the lack of real copper.

While this is an excellent way to have the look of copper and save some money and the cookware is usually still non-stick, you compromise on any of the benefits that real copper will provide you.


One of the biggest considerations that you should make when you are looking at cookware, is how much maintenance it will need.

Indeed, there’s nothing worse than spending your hard earned dollars on an excellent set, only to discover you need to constantly look after it.

Therefore, one of the most important things to look at here is how well the cookware set does in terms of cleaning and its heat resistance.

Generally speaking, if the cookware set is dishwasher safe, you won’t need to worry too much about looking after the pots and pans.

Similarly, if the cookware set is good for heat resistance, the worry about leaving the pots or pans on the heat for too long is reduced.

Some materials will require more maintenance than others, so be sure you check the manufacturer’s notes before you buy.


If you are someone that wants their cookware set to do many things, then you need to check for the set’s versatility.

Check to see if the pots and pans can be used for a whole host of different cooking methods, rather than just the one or two.

If they do, then you will likely be able to make many more different dishes and you won’t need to spend more money on other cookware simply to broil something for example.

What Are The Best Copper Cookware Sets?

We’ll start off this guide by looking at some of the best copper cookware sets.

Below, we’ve got some of the best copper cookware sets to show you, along with our product review. They have all been tried and tested and are available to purchase right away!

1. Gotham Steel Hammered Copper Collection

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If you’re hoping to find one of the best quality copper cookware sets on the market, that not only has plenty of life in it but can be purchased at a very affordable price, then look no further than this beauty from Gotham Steel.

Gotham Steel is a very trusted brand in the world of cookware and they’ve created this perfect copper cookware set that has a lot to shout about.

This set is easy to clean, and if you don’t want to scrub your pots and pans over the sink, you do not need to – because these are dishwasher safe!

The set is lightweight but still very durable, with perfect heat resistance so you don’t need to panic about easy breakage.

Cooking is a breeze with this set too, as the copper is ultra non-stick. Of course, this makes it easier to cook but it also takes away the need to scrub the bottom of the pans due to burned residue.

Suitable for all stovetops, this copper cookware set will make your kitchen dreams come true and it even comes with a ten year guarantee. What more could you ask for?


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ultra non-stick
  • Great heat distribution


  • The baking tray isn’t induction capable

No products found.

2. Razab Copper Frying Pan Set With Lids

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These copper frying pans are a favorite among amateur cooks and professional chefs alike. This is likely due to the fact that they are some of the best frying pans that money can buy.

They’re incredibly convenient and due to their fantastic heat resistance, easy to clean nature and perfectly fitting lids, it’s easy to understand why they’re such a hit with everybody that uses them!

On top of all this, they’re great for the bank balance too with a fantastic budget friendly price that is well worth it!

Remember, you’re getting a complete set with nine pieces. You’re going to be hard pressed to find a set that offers as much as the Razab copper frying pan set does.


  • Easy to clean
  • Budget friendly
  • Inclusive set


  • No pots included

No products found.

3. Gotham Steel Premium Hammered Cookware

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Remember earlier we said that Gotham Steel is one of the most trusted brands in all of cookware? Well, this premium hammered design collection is a clear indication as to why this is.

With their sleek and cool design that is paired with a magnitude of other qualities, you really cannot find a set that offers as much as this does.

These pots and pans are highly durable and due to their craftsmanship, they offer excellent heat resistance and distribution – which makes them ideal if you want to really zone in when searing a steak for example.

Once again, this cookware set can easily be cleaned and you can happily place them into the dishwasher if you want to. You won’t need to scrub off food though as these pots and pans are ultra non-stick.

They’re easy to move around too due to their lightweight nature, so pretty much anybody can very happily use this cookware, clean them and put them away as easy as pie.


  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent for searing


  • Not as good as the previous addition to our list from Gotham Steel

No products found.

4. ShineUri 10 Piece Copper Cookware Set

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One of the biggest advantages of using copper cookware sets is because of their versatility, and this 10 piece set from ShineUri offers exactly that – versatility.

These are some of the best pots and pans for a multitude of uses including frying, stewing, boiling and roasting.

Due to the aluminum coating, heat conduction is a piece of cake. Within moments, your food begins, the cooking process and you’re quickly going to be ready to plate up your meal.

The cookware set is very safe. It is ultra resistant to heat which prevents the set from burning holes in the bottom of the pans.

Yes, if you’re looking for a great cookware set that is value for money and would make a perfect cookware set for home or as a gift for a family member or friend – then this is the copper cookware set you should set your sights to.


  • 10 piece set
  • Ultra-high heat resistance
  • Great for a gift


  • Requires maintenance to have a long life

No products found.

5. Gotham Steel 20 Piece Copper Coating Collection

No products found.

We have another top cookware set on offer from Gotham Steel – but they really do create some of the best cookware on the market!

This 20 piece set is selling fast and we can easily understand why this is the case.

The pots and pans are non-stick with a huge level of heat resistance and capabilities. The material makes them perfect for multiple different cooking uses as well.

As with other Gotham Steel products, these pots and pans are easy to clean and dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to panic about having to stand over the sink for hours.


  • Another top product from Gotham Steel
  • 20 piece set
  • Selling fast and highly popular


  • You may need to buy some other cookware to go with this

No products found.

6. Fit Choice 8 Piece Copper Cookware Set

No products found.

You can’t ask for much more with a copper cookware set than what is on offer right here.

Not only do you get a cookware set that is excellent value for money, perfect for heat resistance and a lot of different sizes available – but you also have it easy after you cook.

This is because this cookware set is simple to clean, but not only that – due to its wise craftsmanship, you can simply stack them all on top of one another when you’re putting the cookware away.

This makes the set excellent for space along with plenty more positives!


  • Stackable, great for space
  • Easy to clean
  • Great value for money


  • Not as many pieces included as other sets

No products found.

7. Mauviel M’Heritage 5 Piece Copper Cookware Set

No products found.

When you’re thinking about the best country in the world for cookery, France has to come to mind at some point – and partially, their success in the culinary world has stemmed from the fantastic cookware sets that they use.

Whilst the set isn’t dishwasher safe, it is still pretty easy to clean. The thing about this set though is that the quality comes from the chef – what we mean here is, if you treat the set with a high level of care and respect, you will get super high quality results in your meals.

Mauviel is actually a leading cookware manufacturer in the world too, so you know you’re in safe and capable hands here!


  • Perfect for chefs
  • High quality
  • Created with care


  • There are much cheaper options on the market

No products found.

8. Maison Arts 15 Piece Cookware Set

No products found.

This is a fantastic copper cookware set that is ideal for both the personal budget, the quality of the set and the finished results of your meals.

These sets are highly versatile and durable – and they make cooking a real breeze. In fact, they even make cleaning a breeze due to their non-stick nature and easy heat distribution.

Indeed, there are few sets quite like this on the market today, and along with the copper cookware, you also get some excellent quality utensils. It’s a win all around when you buy this set!


  • Versatile set
  • High quality
  • Easy to clean


  • It’s not clear if the set is dishwasher safe

No products found.

9. Lagostina Martellata Tri-Ply Hammered Copper Cookware Set

No products found.

This incredible set is flying off the shelf nowadays and it doesn’t take a lot to understand why.

The cookware set offers any budding baker the opportunity to make high-quality meals in the style of its inspiration – Italian cookware.

The pans are oven and boiler-proof, essentially showing you how versatile they really are. Indeed, you can make precise recipes and make your meals exactly how they should be using his cookware set.

So, if you want a cookware set that offers you the ability to make professional-grade meals at an affordable price, then look no further than this amazing set on offer today.


  • Italian inspired
  • Excellent quality
  • Versatile


  • Some other sets have more included

No products found.

Frequently Asked Questions About Copper Cookware

It’s likely that you have a few more questions, so we’ve got some of the most frequently asked questions with our answers below.

Are Copper Cookware Sets Expensive?

Prices vary depending on the brand, manufacturer and materials used – along with how many pieces are included in the set.

Always consider how many pieces you are looking for and your own personal budget before you buy a set.

Are All Copper Cookware Sets Dishwasher Safe?

No, and this is a very important point you need to bear in mind. Despite some claims that a set is easy to clean, this does not mean that they are going to be dishwasher safe as well.

Always be sure that you are checking the manufacturer’s notes before you buy your copper cookware set, in case you need your set to be dishwasher safe.

Do All These Sets Come With A Warranty?

It’s important that you check any product for a warranty before you buy. Some of our picks come with up to a ten-year warranty, whereas some do not.

You may find that some sellers offer free returns or a guarantee instead.

Final Thoughts

Copper cookware sets can be among the best types of cookware sets to use for excellent meals at an affordable price. We hope our comprehensive guide has been useful for you to make your decision!

Now that you’ve chosen your ideal copper cookware set learn how you make use of the copper pans for making fudge here:

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