What Is Double Cream?

what is double cream

Double cream is rich in flavor and gives either sauce, dessert, or soup a thick consistency. Double cream is a popular ingredient used in most fudge recipes, as it gives this candy its creamy texture. Nevertheless, this type of cream it is not found everywhere in the world.

Double cream is not as well known in the United States as it is in Britain, due to its regulations and processes for dairy products in the country. The closest substitutes are either whipping cream, creme fraiche or heavy cream that contains 36% to 38% butterfat.

The following points will provide more information on alternatives for double cream and several ways to use it in preparing meals, recipes and snacks.

What is double cream made of?

Unhomogenized cow’s milk has a layer of butterfat on the surface, and manufacturers make double cream when they skim. You need to separate the butterfat from the unhomogenized milk, then introduce centrifugal force in order to create double cream.

Is double cream sweet?

Double cream is sweet when used in cooking and baking due to its thickness, fat content, and richness in flavor. Therefore, you can use it in several meals such as to make fudge, to pour over fruit salads or add into desserts.

Chefs also use double cream in savory dishes like risotto, curry or soups to add creaminess and richness. If you use it for whipping, you should avoid excessively whipping the cream as this can create a heavy mixture that can become too thick.

Double cream is preferred as a pouring cream when serving with fruit crumbles. Moreover, you can whip it and pipe it for decorating desserts.

Due to its creamy taste and texture, some might feel like they can replace double cream with butter, but this type of substitute is rarely successful even if the fat content seems sufficient.

Nutritionists advise people to choose the right type of cream when cooking or baking. The higher the fat content, the easier it becomes to use it. It is the fat content that brings the liquid elements together.

The higher the fat cream, the less likely it will be to curdle or split when incorporated with hot ingredients. Additionally, you can whisk up an airy whipped cream.

What can double cream be used for?

Double cream is incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of ways. It is great for creating rich cream soups and sauces.

In some countries, such as Britain, double cream is popular as a pouring cream and served alongside pies and other desserts. You can try it for yourself when you next make or purchase a fruit pie, remove it from the oven just before it is ready to serve. Pour the double cream into the pie through the vent and return it to the oven for about 10 minutes to create a creamy fruit pie.

You can also serve double cream whipped or alongside desserts such as crème brulée, mousse, and cheesecake. Moreover, it can be used to decorate cakes or as a filling for a Victoria sponge. But our favorite usage for double cream has to be when it is added into a fabulous fudge recipe.

Double cream and fudge

Homemade fudge can entertain your taste buds as a simple sweet treat any day of the week or during special occasions. However, it should be creamy and melt in the mouth, which will make it irresistible.

Double cream is an ideal addition to any fudge recipe as the cream gives a sense of balance, making it an enjoyable indulgence. Therefore, the fat content should always be sufficient. Ideally you want your fudge to be soft, smooth and rich which is exactly what can be achieved when you add double cream into the mix.

Check out our fudge recipe which use double cream in its ingredients:

Double cream and cream icing

Various people use double cream as a topping for pies and sundaes. However, you can also use it as icing for cakes.

Nevertheless, if you want to decorate the cake with double cream or whipped cream, stabilize it so that the frosting holds its shape. Sweet delights can easily use double cream such as puddings, cobbler, pie, snack cakes, and cream sundaes.

Chocolate ganache

Chocolate ganache contains a mixture of chocolate and cream often used as a filling or topping in desserts like croissants, cakes, and donuts.

When using double cream to make the ganache, one should ensure that they use a ratio of 1:1. However, you can adjust according to the other types of cream you are adding to it.

What is the difference between heavy cream and double cream?

The difference between heavy cream and double cream lies in the butterfat content.

In the United States, you can refer to heavy cream as heavy whipping cream, as it contains between 36% to 38% butterfat.

Double cream, however, has a 48% butterfat content. The double cream is denser and can be poured over hot food objects, without it separating. With heavy cream, however, you have to wait until the end to add it to the sauce or soups. Additionally, low-fat milk or fat-free half-and-half tends to curdle when mixed in hot food.

What is double cream in US

People in the United States often use double cream the same way as whipping cream, or heavy cream. Double cream is not well known in the United States due to its regulations and processes for dairy products in the country although you can find it in some grocery stores.

The closest substitutes to double cream are either whipping cream, creme fraiche or heavy cream that contains 36% to 38% butterfat.

Double cream has a higher butterfat content of 48% for whipping. In sauces and recipes, one can use whipping cream. However, for acidic sauces, you should add the cream when the meal is off the heat to prevent it from separating or becoming a curdle. Additionally, do not return the sauce to the heat once you’ve added the cream.

Can double cream be used instead of heavy cream?

You can substitute heavy cream with double cream when cooking or making whipped cream. You can also use it for sauces as it becomes thicker, especially if you are wanting a creamier texture.

What aisle is heavy cream in?

When shopping for heavy cream in grocery stores, always look for it in the dairy section. You will find it adjacent to light cream, whipping cream, and half-and-half. You might also find butter in this section.


Can I use milk instead of double cream?

You can use whole milk to slash the fat content and calories of your recipe. This substitute is fine for cooking but not recommended when making fudge as it alters the texture.

Is half-and-half heavy cream?

Half-and-half is not heavy cream. It consists of a mixture of half cream and half whole milk. People use it as a substitute for an ingredient richer than milk, but not as thick as cream. It can also substitute heavy cream for recipes like soups and sauces.

What is clotted cream?

Clotted cream originates from Britain. You can manufacture it when you heat original raw full fat milk from the cow. Do this until milk clots form and gather on the surface of the milk.

In America, however, it is classified as butter because it contains very high fat content. Unfortunately, the original version of the cream is illegal in America because it has to be manufactured with unpasteurized cow’s milk which is not legal in and so they opt to make it as butter.

What is single cream called in USA?

In the USA, single cream is known as light cream and has a content of between 20 percent. It does not whip, and you cannot substitute it in recipes that need double cream.

What is cream?

Cream is a product of milk or diary. Therefore, the cream contains high levels of fat from the skimming of top milk before it is homogenized. Cream contains a high content of saturated fat. Cream can also be sold as powder after you dry it and can also be used to create fermented cream.

Cream exists in various forms and manufacturers grade it according to the mode of making it and butterfat content. Therefore, you can make cream from skimmed milk. There’s cream from whey which is a cheese by-product. Cream that comes from cows that graze naturally contains elements from the pasture and this cream will have a yellow shade.

In Summary

Double cream is a type of cream that is a necessary additive in various recipes and meal preparations. The heavy cream gives any meal an essence that you cannot seek elsewhere. Therefore, if a recipe requires double cream, ensure that you purchase it and not a substitute it with another dairy product as it will not turn out the same due to difference in the fat content.

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