The 10 Most Scrumptious Cookies And Cream Fudge Recipes

10 scrumptious cookies and cream fudge recipes

It’s hard to think of any other sweet treat that compares to fudge. Good fudge is soft, creamy, and oh-so-delicious. Combine that with other ingredients, and you’re left with a sweet treat that suits all occasions. One of these ingredients is cookies.

Mixing crunchy cookies into silky soft fudge creates cookies and cream fudge that’s hard to put down.

If you’re interested in making some of these delicious pieces yourself, look no further. We’ve scoured the net to find 10 of the most delicious cookies and cream fudge recipes available.

Whether you’re vegan, short on time, or on a health kick, you’re sure to find a recipe you love below.

1. Maryland Cookies & Cream Fudge – Clayton’s Cookbook

Traditional fudge is difficult to make, but this recipe is quick and easy to put together. This simple version uses Maryland cookies, but you can swap these for any ones that you wish.

It combines white chocolate, condensed milk, and cookies to make a beautiful sweet treat. The chocolate melts in your mouth easily and the cookies give a satisfying crunchy texture.

It takes less than 20 minutes to prepare, though you will have to wait for it to set in the fridge before you can tuck in.

If you can resist the temptation to eat the mixture while you’re making it, this recipe should provide 25 small pieces. That’s perfect for sharing with friends or family, sending as a gift, or just enjoying it yourself!

2. Cookies And Cream White Chocolate Fudge – Carnation

Cookies and Cream White Chocolate Fudge - Carnation
Source: Carnation

Cookies and cream fudge recipes can get a little repetitive, but this one uses Irish cream liqueur to liven things up!

The Irish cream mixes with condensed milk to make fudge that’s sweet, boozy, and creamy. White chocolate and Oreo cookies are melted into the mix, creating a treat that’s silky and crunchy at the same time.

If you wish, you can remove the Irish cream from the recipe to make this fudge suitable for kids. Make sure that you chop the cookies small enough to fold into the whole mixture, but large enough to be noticed on top of the tongue.

You can do this recipe on a stove or in the microwave, but it’s more satisfying to watch your creation melt together when using a burner.

3. Cookies & Cream Fudge – Very Best Baking

It can be hard to make fudge that’s the right texture, as it can easily become hard, grainy, or too soft. This recipe solves that problem with a simple solution. The secret? Marshmallow creme!

Combined with butter, sugar, and evaporated milk, the marshmallow gives your fudge a soft, yet flexible texture. It also tastes beautifully decadent, especially when you taste the cookies and white chocolate alongside it.

There’s a lot of ingredients in this recipe, so it makes 36 little pieces. Don’t be disheartened! The pieces may be small, but they are packed full of delicious ingredients.

Choose any style of cookies that you wish, but chocolate ones will look amazing in contrast with white chocolate. Vanilla extract is also optional, but leaving it in will make your kitchen smell amazing.

4. Cookies And Cream Slow Cooker Fudge – Taming Twins

Cookies and Cream Slow Cooker Fudge - Taming Twins
Source: Taming Twins

If you’ve thought of using your crockpot to make a dessert, this recipe will change your mind. Slow cookers conserve energy, bring out more flavors in your food, and they allow you to make any dish you want, completely hands-free.

This method uses the same classic ingredients you’ll find in most simple fudge recipes: white chocolate, condensed milk, and cookies.

This method uses Maryland Thins, but feel free to use any style of cookies that you wish. If you do use chunkier cookies, make sure that they are broken up well before you add them to the cooker.

The advantage of a slow cooker is that you can add all your ingredients, then get on with the rest of your day!

Remember to set the temperature on LOW, as crock pots are designed to cook at lower temperatures. This will help the rich and sweet flavors distribute well within your fudge, so you’ll end up with soft, crunchy, and tasty fudge.

5. Cookies & Cream Chocolate Fudge – Call Me PMC

Cookies & Cream Chocolate Fudge - Call Me PMC
Source: Call Me PMC

Most cookies and cream recipes call for white chocolate, but if you prefer classic milk chocolate, this recipe is for you!

Condensed milk, chocolate wafers, and chocolate chips all combine to make wonderfully rich fudge. Chocolate lovers will love the two types of chocolate within this fudge.

You can substitute chocolate wafers for graham crackers, but don’t omit them. They provide a crispy texture that pairs well with silky smooth chocolate.

This only takes 5 minutes to put together, but you will need at least two hours for it to set in the fridge. Once the fudge is set and sliced, the cookies and cream filling will stand out against the chocolate for a treat that looks as amazing as it tastes.

6. Cookies And Cream Fudge – Best Recipes

Cookies And Cream Fudge - Best Recipes
Source: Best Recipes

This one looks more like traditional fudge recipes, though it also adds glucose syrup for a little difference.

Glucose syrup doesn’t crystallize, so it will help your fudge from becoming hard or gritty in texture. It also helps to retain moisture, which will make your fudge softer, giving it that ‘melt in the mouth’ consistency.

Thanks to the butter, white chocolate, and Oreo biscuits, your fudge will be rich, sweet, and full of flavor. This recipe is also made within the microwave, so it’s relatively easy to put together.

Make sure that you line the pan with enough paper so it hangs from the sides. This will help you remove the fudge once it’s set.

If you prefer a less cloying taste, swap the caster sugar and white chocolate for brown sugar and milk chocolate. As brown sugar has larger particles, make sure that it has dissolved completely within your mix beforehand, or the texture will be too gritty on the tongue.

7. Microwave Cookies And Cream Fudge – Cheat Day Design

Fudge recipes may take a little bit of preparation beforehand, but this one only needs 2 minutes before you put the mix in the fridge. It also swaps regular sugar and butter for sweetener and butter spread, reducing the calories in the process.

The secret ingredient here is instant pudding mix. You won’t have to cook anything here! Simply melt butter, water, and white chocolate in the microwave, then add your pudding mix and cookies. You can also add protein powder for an after-workout treat.

After the fudge is chilled and set, it’ll have a wonderfully soft texture that’s packed with crispy cookies. If you do add protein powder, a whey-casein blend is the best kind to use when baking. You can use whey protein powder, but beware, as this may make your fudge taste a little chalky.

8. Cookies And Cream Fudge (Vegan) – One Green Planet

There aren’t many cookies and cream recipes that are plant-based, but this recipe gives vegans the chance to join the fun. This method uses plant-based versions of classic fudge ingredients.

Vegan condensed milk, cookies, and dairy-free butter mix with sugar and plain flour for creamy fudge that tastes just as good as the regular version.

The flour helps to give the fudge a little bite, while the vegan milk and butter keep it smooth and silky. If you can’t find vegan condensed milk, try using full-fat coconut milk mixed with a little sugar. You won’t need to wait hours for this to set either.

Just place it in the freezer for 20 minutes before cutting it into squares. The result is velvety soft fudge that pleases vegans and non-vegans alike!

9. Cookies And Cream Christmas Fudge – This Is Not Diet Food

This may be called Christmas Fudge, but it’s perfect all year round! Cookies, white chocolate, and vanilla frosting blend to make creamy, sweet, and delicious fudge.

This recipe also uses red and green M&M’s and food coloring to give it a festive look, but you can change the colors to make them suitable for spring and summer.

M&Ms add another layer of crispiness along with the cookies, while white chocolate and frosting keep the fudge delicate and smooth. Feel free to use pre-made vanilla frosting, but if you can’t find any, it’s easy to make at home! This method makes 36 pieces, so you’ll always have enough to go around.

10. Cookies And Cream Protein Fudge – Hayl’s Kitchen

If you’re on a low-carb plan, you may find yourself craving sweet treats now and then. Sounds familiar? This recipe is for you! There’s no sugar or flour in sight, keeping this fudge keto and low carb friendly. It also uses protein powder to help you hit those macros.

Cashew butter is the star ingredient here, as it helps the fudge remain smooth and soft. As it mixes with vanilla protein powder and sugar-free cookies, you’re left with velvety fudge that has a delightful crunch.

This recipe also uses collagen powder, which has so many health benefits. Other than keeping your bones strong, collagen keeps your skin healthy and supple.

The fudge only takes 15 minutes to set in the freezer, so you won’t have to wait too long to tuck in. At only 95 calories apiece, you can enjoy these sweet treats without slacking on your fitness goals!

In Summary

There you have it! 10 of the best cookies and cream fudge recipes for you to try yourself. You can always add in other ingredients like nuts, marshmallows, or protein powder to make your fudge rich and decadent, but there’s no harm sticking to the recipe if that’s what you prefer.

Whether you’re making these treats for friends, family, or just yourself, have fun baking! You and others will love how delicious these recipes taste.


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