The 10 Most Delicious White Chocolate Fudge Recipes

10 delicious white chocolate fudge recipes

Fudge is one of the most popular sweet treats and desserts for people with a sweet tooth, even if it’s something as simple as a two-ingredient chocolate fudge recipe. 

Considering white chocolate is an incredibly popular flavor no matter how old or young you might be, it’s hardly surprising that there are countless white chocolate fudge recipes to choose from. However, to save you the time required to filter through all of them, we’ve done some of the hard work. 

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at 10 of the best white chocolate fudge recipes you can try at home. What’s more, we’ll also look to answer some of the frequently asked questions related to making delicious white chocolate fudge. 

1. White Chocolate Fudge [Mildly Meandering] 

The first white chocolate fudge recipe on our list is this offering from Mildly Meandering. The simple, three-ingredient recipe is incredibly quick to make and guaranteed to satisfy any sweet cravings you may have. 

All you need is one can of condensed milk, three cups of white chocolate chips, and two tablespoons of butter. Combine all three ingredients in a pan over medium heat, while stirring to make sure the white chocolate chips fully melt. Spread the mixture into a lined pan and refrigerate until the fudge is completely firm. 

2. White Chocolate Caramel Fudge [Barefeet In The Kitchen]

For those of you with a sweet tooth looking for the ultimate treat, there are few options better than this creamy white chocolate caramel fudge recipe from Barefeet In The Kitchen. The delicious fudge is filled with pecans and topped with caramel swirls, so it really is the perfect sweet treat! 

The sweetened condensed milk is essential for the taste, texture, and consistency of this recipe, so even if you’ve had success with something else like heavy cream or evaporated milk in other similar recipes, don’t try and substitute the sweetened condensed milk as the fudge won’t taste the same. 

3. Holiday White Chocolate Fudge [Taste Of Home]

This incredibly simple white chocolate fudge recipe from Taste Of Home is a creamy treat that’ll certainly prove to be a hit among friends and family in your home. All you need to do is combine milk, sugar, and butter in a pan over a medium heat, stir in marshmallow creme, vanilla and baking chips until melted, and then spread into a lined pan to be refrigerated for 1-2 hours. 

4. Easy White Chocolate Cranberry Fudge [Life, Love, And Sugar] 

The next white chocolate fudge recipe on our list is this festive offering from Life, Love, And Sugar. Made with sweetened condensed milk and dried cranberries, this recipe is super quick and easy, and provides beautiful Christmas colors that are perfect for the busy holiday season. 

If you want to give this festive recipe an extra something special to celebrate the holiday season, you can add some sparkling sugar to the top of the fudge, making it a great option for gifting and holiday dessert trays. 

5. Funfetti White Chocolate Fudge [Carnation] 

Funfetti White Chocolate Fudge [Carnation] 
Source: Carnation

This white chocolate fudge recipe is similar to many of the others on our list, but it uses the addition of sugar sprinkles to provide a colorful and fun twist. For this reason, Carnation’s recipe is perfect for gifting to families with young children. 

To add your sugar sprinkles into the fudge, mix half of them into the already melted combination of white chocolate and condensed milk, and then use the other half for the top of the fudge, pressing them gently so they stick. 

6. White Chocolate Toffee Fudge [Very Best Baking] 

If you’re looking for a white chocolate fudge recipe with some extra sweetness, the addition of toffee in this offering from Very Best Baking will be sure to get your taste buds tingling. Simply stir in half of a cup of toffee candy into the fudge mixture and the other half sprinkled on top, and you’re good to go!

7. White Chocolate And Raspberry Fudge [Taste]

White chocolate and raspberry fudge
Source: Taste

This decadent and drool-inducing White Chocolate And Raspberry Fudge recipe from Taste is one of the very best if you’re looking to impress your friends and family with a delicious sweet treat. 

To add the raspberry jam to this fudge recipe, remove the melted mixture of condensed milk, glucose syrup, sugar, and butter from the heat source, and spoon dollops of the jam over the fudge, using a skewer or something similar to swirl it through the mixture. 

8. White Chocolate Fudge Dessert [Back To My Southern Roots]

The fudge in this recipe from Back To My Southern Roots is made with marshmallow creme and provides a fantastic, melt-in-the-mouth treat for people of all ages! 

If you want to give this recipe an extra boost, you can add sprinkles, glitter, and M&M’s while the fudge is still hot. These make great additions if you’re making the fudge for Valentine’s Day or another special occasion. 

9. Rainbow White Chocolate Fudge [Carnation] 

Rainbow White Chocolate Fudge
Source: Carnation

The second offering from Carnation on our list is this unique Rainbow White Chocolate Fudge recipe. The mixture is incredibly quick to make as it only uses two ingredients (chopped white chocolate and condensed milk), and the addition of food coloring is relatively straightforward. 

The most effective way to color the fudge in this recipe is to divide it equally into six separate bowls, beating a small amount of food coloring into each. Ideally you should do this when the mixture is still slightly warm. 

10. Bailey’s Irish Cream White Fudge [The Spruce Eats]

The final white chocolate fudge recipe on our list, and by certainly no means the least, is The Spruce Eats’ Bailey’s Irish Cream White Fudge. This boozy treat is essentially a smooth white chocolate fudge spiked with the delicious addition of the popular Irish cream liqueur. 

The inclusion of Bailey’s in this recipe gives the fudge a deeper, richer taste. What’s more, the liqueur is added before the fudge is boiled, meaning that most of the alcohol is cooked off, leaving only the flavor behind. A must try! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can you make perfect fudge? 

There are a number of useful tips that are worth keeping in mind when trying to make the perfect fudge.

Listed below are the five which we believe are the most important:

– It’s always a good idea to use a heavy pan that can distribute heat well, otherwise there’s the possibility of your mixture sticking during cooking. 

– Before you start cooking, it’s worth brushing the sides of the pan with a wet brush.This can help to dissolve any sugar crystals that stick to the sides. 

– If you want to avoid sugar crystallization and the fudge mixture becoming grainy, try and avoid stirring the mixture during cooking. 

– Make sure you let the mixture cool to around 109 to 113 °F/ 43 to 45 °C before beating. Essentially, the fudge should be warm but not scorching hot. 

– You should stop beating your fudge mixture and pour it into a pre-lined or buttered mould when the surface starts to look dull or matte. 

How long should fudge be simmered for? 

You should boil your fudge up until the temperature reaches around 234 and 237 °F/ ​​112 and 114 °C on your candy thermometer. If you don’t have access to a candy thermometer, a good general rule to follow is to allow the fudge mixture to boil for anywhere between seven and eight minutes. Avoid anything longer. Or you can follow the soft ball technique.

Is it best to refrigerate fudge after making it? 

While there’s no actual requirement to refrigerate fudge after making it due to the fact that it keeps fine at room temperature, it might be a good idea if you prefer your fudge cold. One important thing to keep in mind if you refrigerate fudge is that it needs to be stored in an airtight container in order to prevent the cold air drying it out. 

In Summary

Dedicated to the white chocolate lovers out there. We’ve rounded up the best white chocolate fudge recipes- some with a twist. After making a few of these recipes, why not try My Top 10 Of The Easiest Ever Fudge Recipes That Don’t Contain Condensed Milk .


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