Is Fudge a Sweet or Chocolate?

is fudge a sweet or chocolate

There is a great debate on whether fudge is a chocolate or a sweet on its own, with  many believing it is part of the chocolate family. Yes, there is such a thing as chocolate fudge, but the two are very different treats.

They both have distinctive features that are pretty different from each other. This article will finally settle this debate. Keep reading to find out more about fudge and why it is not in fact a chocolate. 

Fudge, A Brief History 

Fudge is known to have been created in the late 1800s. Its actual history is a little hazy, but it is known to have been created for the first time in America, in Baltimore.

The first written document that mentions fudge dates back to a letter written by a student at Vassar College in New York, named Emelyn Battersby.

She wrote a letter stating that her cousin had made some fudge in Baltimore and sold it at 40 cents a pound.

She got the recipe and made some for the Vassar Senior Auction at her school. Word of this creation spread and that is how fudge came to be. 

How Do You Make Fudge? 

Fudge is a type of dense, soft sugar candy that only requires 3 ingredients; sugar, butter and milk. Some recipes include chocolate or other flavoring (this is where people have got the two confused).

You heat up the mixture of these ingredients and then beat it while it cools until you get that creamy texture. You then let it sit for a while until it cools completely. 

Here is a simple recipe on how to make fudge:

Ultimate Fudge Recipevisit this website for exact measurements and equipment needed.

This fudge recipe will have you creating a lovely pot of creamy goodness. All you will need is condensed milk, regular milk, demerara sugar, and butter.

You’ll begin by putting the ingredients into a non-stick saucepan over a low heat, allowing them to melt until the sugar dissolves. Remember to keep stirring. 

Once this done, bring to a boil, stirring constantly to prevent it from sticking to the pan. Do this for around 10 to 15 minutes. If you’ve got a thermometer handy, this is where you use it.

The mixture must reach 234 and 237 °F/ ​​112 and 114 °C, once it has remove it from the heat and allow it cool for around 5 minutes. 

The last step is to beat the fudge until it becomes very thick. Once its at a consistency that you are happy with, press the mixture into a tin and leave it to set. 

For further information about fudge, follow our Ultimate guide to making fudge .

Where Did All The Confusion Come From? 

What might have some people confused on whether fudge is a sweet or chocolate, is how often these two separate treats are used together.

There are countless number of chocolate flavored fudges, recipes, and treats.

There’s chocolate fudge cake, rocky road fudge, chocolate peanut butter fudge and tons more. However, these are two separate kinds of candies with a  number of differences between them. 

What Makes Something Chocolate?

Chocolate is derived from cocoa, mixed with fat such as cocoa butter, and finely powdered sugar to make a solid confectionery. For something to qualify as chocolate, it needs to contain cocoa solids.

Chocolate should have a smooth, silky and somewhat solid texture. This popular snack carries a very sweet (and addictive!) taste. 

What Are The Differences Between Chocolate And Fudge? 

There are quite a few differences between the two that make them distinctive from each other. 

The texture of chocolate is smooth, hard and shell-like. You can snap it and break it to pieces. However, the texture of fudge is soft and chewy, almost like a sponge. 

The difference in flavor between these two is that chocolate has its own definite flavor, you can put some in your mouth blindfolded and you’ll know instantly that its chocolate. Fudge on the other hand, can be any flavor imaginable.

Yes, chocolate flavor fudge is an option, but it needs to be mixed together with it while baking. Chocolate-free fudge has a sweet sugary taste. 

There is also a difference in ingredients. The ingredients in chocolate are milk, sugar, and cocoa butter and cocoa. These last two ingredients are what make chocolate…chocolate.

The ingredients in fudge are milk, sugar, butter and any flavorings of your choosing. This can include cocoa, that won’t make it a chocolate, but more so chocolate-flavored. 

While both these treats are mouthwatering and work very well together, both in their true form, are indeed very different.  

Is Fudge a Sweet or Chocolate

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Fudge Supposed To Taste Like? 

Good fudge revolves around the sugar crystals. Big crystals make fudge taste grainy, and very small crystals make it taste creamy and sweet. 

Why Is Fudge Called Fudge? 

It is said that the first ever batch of fudge was purely a culinary accident from a batch of caramels. It was a ‘fudged’ batch, which is what is believed to have given it its name, ‘fudge’

How Bad Is Fudge? 

Fudge contains around 130 calories and 5 grams of fat in an ounce. It is a very rich desert that would not be considered very healthy by most people.

It’s high content in sugar and fat, from the sugar and butter used also adds to its unhealthy properties. 

What Makes Fudge Unique? 

Sugar crystals are what makes fudge so unique. These tiny crystals are what give it its distinctive texture. If they are a good size, they won’t feel grainy, but smooth and creamy.

These are formed during the cooling process of making fudge. You want to keep these crystals small, and you can do that by avoiding stirring the fudge while its cooling. 

Final Thoughts

It is understandable how fudge can be thought of as a chocolate. They are both used together very frequently and somewhere down the line, it got a little blurry.

They are indeed a lovely combination and we welcome these treats with open arms… or hands. Now put down that piece of fudge (or chocolate) this article has made you want to grab… and I’ll do the same. 

If you want to try and make some chocolate flavoured fudge, why not try:


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