10 Most Delicious Fudge Pie Recipes

10 most delicious fudge pie recipes

Fudge pie recipes are one of the hardest to resist types of desserts and you won’t be able to stop yourself from indulging in baking from our top 10 most delicious fudge pie recipes that we have put together with your dessert preferences in mind.

There are limitless amounts of fudge pie recipes using every classical pie flavor ever made so you can be sure your favorite pie flavors are on this list.

Fudge pies are an easy pudding to make as there are really no opportunities for errors, even if you go wrong somewhere in the recipe, you’re still going to have a scrumptious dessert that serves the whole family, or just you alone if it’s one of those weeks!

We’re not even sure you’ll make it to the end of this list without dropping everything to run to the store.

1. Blueberry Pie Fudge

When you hear the words, blueberry, pie, and fudge in the same sentence, something special happens to your tastebuds. They crave it! So, indulge in this recipe by Baker by Nature which has been carefully perfected to replicate that blueberry pie goodness in the form of a fudgy delicious pie.

Do you remember that one scene in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory where Veruca turns into a giant blueberry? This fudge pie tastes exactly how that bubblegum tasted, and there’s nothing better than a warm, home-baked pie straight out of the oven!

This isn’t the type of dessert where you can have one slice alone, that just won’t cut it! (literally) and it’s the type of dessert where you can have your pie, and eat it. No more riddles from dad about only having one or the other, you get both!

2. German Chocolate Fudge Pie

There’s nothing better than indulging in traditions from around the globe, and around the globe, you’ll go with Let’s Dish Recipes German Chocolate Fudge Pie Recipe! It’s really that good that the rich, brownie-like pie filled with traditional german chocolate frosting has the power to take you to Germany and back in the same day.

Also, it’s loaded with pecans and coconut flakes to the brim alongside all those rich, brownie flavors. We’re pretty sure this fudge pie is the equivalent of the actual holy grail itself, and if you don’t believe us try it!

It’s the perfect pie to make for special occasions with your loved ones, so, take them along with you to Germany with this traditional German wonder.

3. Fudge Pie Recipe

Fudge pies aren’t complete without the biggest dollop of whipped cream piled high like a mountain in the center of the pie, and this recipe by Southern Living lives up to the classic pie dream with more whipped cream than necessary, but we love it!

A pie like this is the perfect end to the day for a southerner and this one is made with pecans and semi-sweet chocolate to melt your tastebuds off!

Shockingly, (seriously these jokes just come naturally) this recipe requires mostly, a microwave alone. We love a heavenly pie that takes little to no effort, especially during the summer months when effort comes in small quantities.

Grab your pre-baked pie crust because who needs the extra effort when this recipe can use pre-baked or fresh baked crusts. You decide on the effort you put into this pie, we won’t judge you.

4. Banana Fudge Pie Recipe

Another classical whipped cream dream of a pie is ready for you to tackle with Taste of Home’s recipes. It serves 8 and takes under an hour to prepare and bake so you can have this pie soon enough if you decide it’s your favorite!

The method for making it is so simple you won’t be able to keep yourself from trying a cheeky little taste halfway through mixing. Once done simply lay sliced bananas over the pie and top with a concerning amount of whipped cream and extra chocolate chips and enjoy!

Don’t hold back with this recipe as bananas, fudge, and chocolate go beautifully hand in hand together that it would be a shame to miss out on making the best banana fudge pie in existence. You’ll kick yourself if you do.

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5. Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pie

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pie (Sugar Apron)
Source: Sugar Apron

What’s better than a fudgy pie dessert? A chocolate fudge brownie pie that is a combination of two classic favorite puddings, fudge pie, and chocolate brownies. This one is for the true sweet tooth dessert lovers out there as every flavor encapsulates fudge, brownies, chocolate, and pie in the perfect way to let you indulge until your heart is content.

This brownie pie has the cutest mini marshmallows and delicious chocolate frosting in the filling and topping so it’s perfect for events and family occasions. Although, don’t go putting the blame on us when the dessert disappears when you take your eyes off it and you didn’t get a chance to cut a slice. You should’ve eaten faster!

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6. Lemon Meringue Fudge Pie Recipe

Another classic dessert combined with another classic, we’re all about classics today apparently! Lemon Meringue pie is a delicacy in summer or any time of the year and what better way to serve it than as a lemon meringue infused fudge, that was created by Crazy for Crust recipes.

We get that fudge pies can be on the overly sweet side, so why not try this lemon fudge pie to add a splash of fresh lemon flavors to the sweet tastes in your mouth.

It’s refreshing, mouthwatering, and 100% worth that zesty, sour lemon taste when combined with fudge and chocolate. Serve it to your loved ones and watch their faces brighten up when they taste your take on two classic desserts.

7. Chocolate Fudge Pie

Chocolate Fudge Pie (Chocolate Fudge Pie - NUA Naturals)
Source: NUA Naturals

This is the king of fudge pie desserts right here and it can be yours for all but a small amount of effort and NUA Naturals specially made chocolate fudge pie recipe.

Cashews, almonds, cacao powder, vanilla, coconut oil, and walnuts have been mixed well to make this fudgy and rich dessert. This involves an interesting take on the crust as the walnuts and almonds are crushed in a food processor and added to the vanilla and cacao powder to make the soft, fluffy dough for the pie crust.

You’ll struggle to find the time for anything else once you’ve tried and sampled this fudge pie recipe and your friends will be wondering what’s eating up all of your time and energy. The pie of course!

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8. Fudge Sundae Pie Recipe

We just can’t get enough of mixing traditional and well-loved dessert recipes together and Taste of Home has developed a recipe that beautifully combines fudge pies and ice cream sundaes into one pudding.

And you’ll love this, it’s a guilt-free sundae pie that has been made using reduced-fat butter, unsalted nuts, and frozen yogurt with some other ingredients that aren’t so healthy, but it’s slightly more guilt-free than it should be for the name of the dessert!

It’s fairly simple to make too with minimal instructions that won’t eat up all your time like the previously recommended dessert. If time isn’t on your hands then this dessert will let you get on with your day whilst still having a great dessert to enjoy after dinner.

9. Red Velvet Fudge Pie

Red Velvet Fudge Pie (Red Velvet Fudge Pie Recipe)
Source: Pizzazzerie

Try to find someone out there who doesn’t love and adore a red velvet recipe, I’ll wait. Okay, I haven’t got all the time in the world, but the clue is in the name of this dessert recipe, Red Velvet Fudge. This is a recipe that can’t physically be messed up even by a novice baker who has never touched a mixing bowl or whisk in their life.

Make sure to pour over that shiny chocolate glaze to get the full rich effect that this dessert gives. Also, it makes a great holiday season dessert for the whole family to enjoy, it’s a combination between red velvet cake and the richest fudge pie known to man, so don’t miss out on this beauty of a recipe.

Win any pie contest with this show stopper and live to tell the tale at guest parties, guests won’t believe you when you tell them it’s homemade!

10. Chocolate And Banana Fudge Pie

Chocolate And Banana Fudge Pie
Source: Waitrose

We said there was nothing better than a banana fudgy pie because the sweetness is unlike any other fudge pie dessert out there, but this chocolate and banana fudge pie by Waitrose is pushing our first statement off the list with its thick chocolate cake-like consistency in a pie.

Simply get your favorite store-bought chocolate, graham cracker biscuits, butter, vanilla extract, double cream, sugar fudge, and as many bananas as you’d like and you’ll have this creamy chocolate fudge pie for an after-dinner treat.

The pie base made from crushed biscuits is self-explanatory, meanwhile, make sure the chocolate is fully melted before adding in your ingredients and the sweetest bananas you can find to make this fudge pie the best fudge pie you’ve ever laid eyes upon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Refrigerate Fudge Pie?

The cooling process for fudge pies can vary between 2 and 4 hours, after baking be sure to let the pies cool at room temperature before being placed in a refrigerator and cover them loosely with any type of wrapping you’d prefer until they need to be served.

It’s not a strict issue with fudge pies for cooling to be a specific time so just make sure to leave them long enough to cool.

How Long Does a Fudge Pie Last For?

With correct storage, a fudge pie can last up to a week if kept in the fridge at the right temperature, not that it would last that long in one household, however, if needed, they can be frozen too.

Can I Leave A Pie Out Overnight?

That depends on if the pie contains eggs and dairy products or not. But if you have to leave the fudge pie out at room temperature, don’t do it for more than two hours just to be safe. This is different from pies that don’t contain eggs or dairy products. These can be stored for up to a week outside of the fridge.

In Summary

To simply put it, a classic fudge pie needs to be in your recipe collection. Easy as pie! From this list there are 10 to choose from so you can’t refuse. A crowd pleaser for sure, whip one up a an after dinner dessert and you’ll have guests scraping for every last crumb. With plenty of different flavours to choose from: banana, blueberry, chocolate and classic.

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