10 Awesome Tasting Dark Chocolate Fudge Recipes

10 awesome dark chocolate Fudge recipes

Today we are on a mission to dispel the myth that fudge can only be enjoyed with milk chocolate, so we’re here to break apart this common misconception and show you 10 awesome tasting dark chocolate fudge recipes.

Dark chocolate is often considered the less popular sibling to milk chocolate, but we adore the smooth, more intense flavor of dark chocolate and think it’s a severely underrated cooking ingredient. Dark chocolate is just as tasty and is more nutritious because it contains less sugar and is packed full of disease-fighting antioxidants.

Many of our 10 best picks are suitable for a wide variety of occasions, and some of the recipes would even make a perfect gift this Christmas. Expect to find an eclectic mix of recipes that cater to nut lovers, chocolate berry enthusiasts, and those looking for a lighter calorie option with sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, and paleo options.

1. Easy Dark Chocolate Fudge Recipe

If you try this simple dark chocolate fudge with sea salt recipe we guarantee you’ll never go back. This is a great entry-level choice for those that are new to making fudge and is a sweet treat that would be great to make during the holidays when you’ve got more time on your hands to start your fudge-making journey.

What we like about this recipe is that it requires minimal appliances and won’t take very long to prepare.

All you’ll need for this is butter, sugar, evaporated milk, marshmallow creme, vanilla extract, chocolate chips, and sea salt. Once you’ve completed the mixture and it’s been cooked to the optimal temperature, you’ll need to let it cool for at least four hours. Good things come to those who wait!

2. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Fudge

Dark chocolate peppermint fudge
Source: All Recipes

Are you looking for a dark chocolate fudge option that will impress your partner on Valentine’s Day? Try this simple peppermint fudge recipe that is mouth-watering and looks delicious the moment you carve up the fudge, ready to be served after a romantic dinner.

Each serving contains an average of 285 calories and 14.5 grams of fat, and whilst it’s not the lowest calorie option here, we recommend you indulge guilt-free because it’s just that delicious!

This is another simple choice and includes dark chocolate chips (Hershey’s works well with this recipe), sweetened condensed milk, butter, peppermint extract for that minty taste, salt, and peppermint candies. If you don’t own a silicone baking dish, you can also use a greased 8×8 glass baking dish which works just as effectively.

3. Peanut Butter And Dark Chocolate Fudge

Peanut butter and dark chocolate fudge
Source: My Recipes

Peanut butter is a versatile cooking ingredient that goes well with a number of different options for dessert. Dark chocolate and peanut butter combined to make a delightful after-dinner treat and offer a crunchy, nutty texture to the smooth taste of dark chocolate.

At only 123 calories per serving, and containing 4.7 grams of fat, this is a great midweek snack that isn’t going to be too fattening (just make sure to be easy on the servings!)

This is a sweet-tasting fudge and includes sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, dark cacao powder, vanilla extract, peanut butter chips, peanut butter, and dry-roasted peanuts, making this recipe the ultimate chocolate peanut cuisine.

You can upgrade your mixture by stirring in coffee granules for even more flavor. Speaking of coffee…

4. Three Ingredient Chocolate Coffee Fudge

Another super dark chocolate companion is coffee. The dark, soft mocha fudge is an ideal choice for grown-ups and only takes 3 ingredients to make. There are many ways you can make this recipe, but the easiest by far is using a microwave. But if you’re not in a hurry you can use the stovetop, or even a slow cooker.

Grab yourself a can of condensed milk, a dark chocolate of your choosing, and instant coffee. You likely already have two out of three of these ingredients so preparation time is even less than some of our other options on this list.

You can store these small chunks of delight in the refrigerator for up to 7 days, but they’ll likely be eaten before then, anyway!

5. Dark Chocolate Almond Fudge

Almonds are a gorgeous rich-tasting nut that pairs well with chocolate recipes, and this dark chocolate almond fudge delight is no different.

A melt-in-your-mouth experience that is smooth, crunchy, creamy, and moreish. One of the benefits of this recipe is in the serving size as you can make up to 48 pieces, and would be a perfect party treat for an office party or summer get-together.

This dark chocolate almond fudge will require condensed milk, dark chocolate chips, butter, almond extract, and sliced almonds. Something to bear in mind is that this recipe calls for sweetened condensed milk, not evaporated milk or cream, which the creator of this recipe says is vital to the taste, texture, and consistency.

6. Salted Dark Chocolate Bourbon Fudge Recipe

Here’s a delightful recipe that is great for the adults of the household. Adding an extra element of taste, these dark chocolate Bourbon fudge slices are salty, sweet, dark, and intense. What we like about these is that they don’t taste bitter, which some alcohol-based fudge recipes can fall into the trap of becoming.

Along with a bottle of your favorite brand of Bourbon, this recipe includes dark chocolate chips, condensed milk, vanilla extract and flakey sea salt.

This is a real experience for your pallet, and the many different tastes will have you reaching for seconds, or perhaps even thirds. Now you have an excuse to hit the liqueur guilt-free this Christmas!

7. Dark Chocolate Fudge With Candied Ginger And Pistachios

So far our recipes have included many different types of nuts. We’ve added peanut butter to the fudge. We tried almonds and combined them in one of the recipes.

Next up, why don’t you try another popular nut in the pistachio? This excellent chocolate-nut hybrid goes down well with a nice glass of milk or paired with a fancy red wine.

Along with bittersweet chocolate and flaky sea salt, you can also drop in a healthy serving of Cointreau which is a great addition to this one.

If you relish the chance to get creative in the kitchen, this dark fudge recipe can have you trying many different variations of the same recipe. You can add dried cherries, candied ginger, dried apricots, or chopped walnuts to make this one of the most versatile recipes on our list.

8. Chocolate Marble Fudge

This is our choice for the best all-around fudge, as it will cater to a wide variety of people’s tastes. It’s thick and creamy and uses a mixture of dark chocolate and white chocolate to create a sensational white swirl effect that makes this option too tempting to skip.

We guarantee that you’ll have a room full of fudge converts if they are on the sidelines about trying this one.

While the chocolate marble fudge ticks all the right boxes in terms of taste, it’s also really easy to prepare as its only ingredients are dark and white chocolate, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla extract. For best results, make sure to use gram measurements rather than cup measurements.

9. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Fudge

It would be criminal to have a list of fudge recipes that didn’t include berry chocolate fudge, as we know that a lot of you enjoy this superb combination. Taking around 35 minutes of preparation time, this is a monster recipe that makes up to 81 pieces of fudge!

What’s even better is that each piece is 85 calories and only contains 5 grams of fat.

For this recipe, you will need white baking chips, sweetened condensed milk, raspberry liqueur, and dark chocolate chips. Feel free to substitute raspberry syrup for the liqueur if you want to share this with the kids, or make a separate batch with a combination of both.

10. Easy Vegan Fudge

Easy vegan fudge
Source: Wholefully

This easy vegan chocolate fudge takes an already delicious treat and makes it even healthier. Follow along to this one and you’ll enjoy a vegan, gluten-free, paleo fudge that is naturally sweetened and only uses 5 ingredients.

Each square is roughly 177 calories and contains 14 grams of fat and only 9 grams of sugar, so it’s not too heavy on the waistline.

All you’ll need is coconut oil for the buttery flavor, honey or maple syrup depending on your dietary preference, cacao powder, vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Try adding peanut butter or any other nut butter, and even some orange zest to make this a delicious dark orange chocolate slice of delight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Freeze Fudge?

Yes, fudge can be frozen and kept for up to three months. Make sure to wrap the fudge tightly in parchment and slide it into a zip-freezer bag.

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan?

Some dark chocolate bars may contain animal products like milk or honey, so make sure to check the label for further details, and see if it’s vegan friendly.


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